Wednesday, July 6, 2011

sonoma, the uncs and a birthday

so the uncs and i have been in sonoma since before the 4th and we have been reaquainting ourselves with each other.
we have been wine tasting, hiking, running, eating everything in sight. i love this man. his name is michael btw and he, as a young stupid 23 years old took the risk after my parents were killed and adopted me as a 10 year old.
now: think of yourself as a 23 year old. who in the fuck would adopt, take responsibilty for a child? a child who was grieving, sullen,angry?
but thinking about it now as an adult, i know why he did. he is my mother's brother and he wanted no one else raising me.
i know this was not easy for him. he had to give up privacy, he had to give up his life for me least for awhile. i became the center of his life. his reason for living...and he became the center of mine. i owe my life to him. he saved me. he is the constant. he is barometer. i will care for him and love him all of my days.
i love you uncle michael: happy birthday!