Saturday, May 24, 2008

Partyin' in Los Angeles

I very seldom get the opportunity to go to my hometown, Los Angeles and hang out and party with my uncle michael, his man and my los angeles bros: guys i grew up with and who have remained friends through the years. a couple of the guys, scott and bob...i have known since first grade at st. thomas school. we have all moved on but once or twice a year we converge on l.a. to bond via anejo tequila, bud and a genuine love of fucking with each other: verbally that is not literally. scott and bob are straight, ironic, funny, smart and a lot of fun to be with.
i also get the chance to spend some quality tine with the man, uncle michael, who has guided me through my life after my parents were killed.
Michael is kind, loving, considerate, a saint really: how many single men do you know who would take on the responsibility of a young boy when he is barely out of his teens? he's a special dude and his current man is lucky indeed.
anyway, this morning after a pretty terrific friday night at q's with carlos, greg and the bros, i arrive here in the city of the angels and the uncs and i go to breakfast at the pacific dining car for champagne, eggs benedict and some pretty intense convo. i love this guy more than life and he in turn loves me without reservation. i feel secure, content and happy in his presence and this big, handsome man will never want for anything as long as i am around.
so plans for tonight: dinner (i think ketchup or geisha), clubs (i think hyde) and loads of laughter and fun.
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Friday, May 16, 2008

motorcycle man...

i have known brandon for two years. he was/is the guy who drove/drives a motorcycle around campus against all rules to the contrary.
brandon is tall, dark and almost handsome but what makes him ridiculously sexy is the appendage to his being that he sits upon: his bmw motorbike.
brandon is the type of guy who appears out of nowhere more than ready to flirt with you and to tell you things that you often need to hear: "hey sexy, want to ride me?....want a ride on my bike?" he is merciless in his attraction to guys. btw: he does this come on shit to a number of guys that i know and is by no means limited to me.
but this last week, brandon has been whirling about me both from on his bike as well from on foot: we share several classes together and this week he has decided to concentrate his immense sexuality on me.
brandon's sexuality is raw, obvious and unrelenting. i tried to avoid it but couldn't. so shoot me: i was a slimy ho for a week.
getting to brandon involves stripping away several layers of black leather and cotton underwear. he wears a lot of clothes as in long johns, tee shirts, briefs, leather pants, etc. we had sex 4 times this week: in my dorm room, out back outside the gym, in a bathroom stall in the psych dept bathroom on the 2nd floor and outside the trader joe's on milpas.
i couldn't help it and i blame brandon for my recent indiscretions. he is a ho: a sexy one who plies his wares on innocent boys like me. he also plies his wares on the less innocent: he cares not who he violates and how much pleasure he gives...which is mind-blowingly unbelievable.
how brandon came by his natural affinity for giving guys pleasure will always remain a mystery as he adamantly refuses to answer questions. any questions. how old are you? why do you wear so many layers of clothing? where do you live? why do your toes look so groomed? have you ever had a bf?...all of these questions are asked of him and all remain unanswered. brandon is an enigma even though he is an enigma unto himself alone. but be that as it may, brandon is a sexy mo fo with sexual technique enough for ten dudes.
oh well.

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Friday, May 9, 2008

east coast men

as my nyc stint approaches i have begun to think about my time in nyc last an all of my life west coast dude it was honestly refreshing last year to expose myself literally to the pleasures and foibles of the east coast and of its men in particular.
there is of course the unbelievably and never to be replicated damon who whisked me off to his humble abode, spoke about 10 words to me and made the kind of love to me that people write about in books...but will this happen again this year? i doubt it unless damon comes out of his cave and decides it is once again time to make love to a dude....oh well...THAT will never happen again but i've had it once and most have never had it happen at all.
i will be spending almost all of my time with people from all over the world soon: men and women who have come to nyc to avail themselves of an education that only nyc and columbia can offer. last year i met many beautiful people who even now remain friends and with whom i look forward to hooking up with again very soon.
there was this one dutch dude named kaspar who took a shine to me but to whom i did not reciprocate. i found out today that kaspar was killed last winter in a car accident. i grieve for him and his honesty and integrity: he loved me and told me so and i in turn rebuffed him. was i wrong in doing so? no. but it still smarts nonetheless. why is it that we spurn those that truly love us because they do not meet our criteria as far as looks are concerned? and with kaspar there was no "let's only be pals?" he wanted me completely or not at all. actually both kaspar and i share this outlook on relationships. kaspar was a very kind person who, according to my personal taste in men, did not come up to my standards: so-called standards that are nebulous at best. i will miss his smile, his sense of humor his very being.
anyway: i look forward with hope to nyc and my studies.
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Saturday, May 3, 2008

staying in on saturday watching the de la hoya fight with da bros....

(this is the best photo i could nab off of the hbo website of forbes: poor guy)
i'm a big oscar de la hoya fan and a big boxing fan in general: something i share with my favorite author, joyce carol oates, who learned to love boxing by way of her pops as did i. check out oates' "on boxing." i can still recall watching boxing matches with pops: he drinking beer and yelling at the screen (which, though i don't drink beer, i do also: scream at the tv screen that is...)
anyway, oscar fought here in so/cal (in carson)against a smaler, weaker steve forbes.
the bros came over and i cooked loads of ribs, smashed yukon gold potatoes,huge amounts of arugula and baby lettuces with a homemade greek-style dressing and a fresh stawberry pie. the tequila flowed as it is may 3rd, two days before may 5th or cinco de mayo which celebrates the mexican defeat over the french in 18__? the funny thing is (and i just read this in the newspaper today) the french came back and re-took mexico for several more years. so what exactly are we celebrating on 5/5? i think it has more to do with patron tequila or cuervo tequila than it does about history.
the fight was pretty exciting but the result was a forgone conclusion as de la hoya was fighting below his ability level and a defeat would have been a major disgrace for him. it also didn't help (or maybe it did) that all month hbo ran promos in which oscar states that this fight with forbes was a "tune up" fight. in other words, oscar viewed this fight as just another sparring match albeit one in front of 30,000 people in person and millions on hbo. now if i were forbes (who is very cute, btw) i would be pissed. so maybe oscar knew what he was doing in order that the fight not turn into merely a one-sided, open and shut case with oscar beating the fuck out of forbes which did not happen btw. forbes mostly covered up and bounced around and waited for the round bells to ring and oscar got in a number of good shots but could not knock forbes down. so: a good fight not a great one.
de la hoya is pretty much a hero and boxing icon here in so/cal and though there are many in the hispanic community that look a bit askance at his marriages to non-hispanics, oscar is most definitely DA MAN! the fact that oscar is pretty hot only adds to his celebrity. oscar is 35 now and i have never seen him fight with more authority and skill. his next "real" fight will be in september with mayweather, who beat him in a very poor decision last year.
it's off to q's now with the battling duo of carlos and greg: please pray for me here. i don't want to end up breaking these two apart in a public place once again
and maybe having to fight one or the other or both just to extricate myself.
carlos and greg: they are either in carlos' room fucking or out in public at q's eventually fighting. fucking and fightng, fighting and fucking. go figure. carlos' gf has returned from the highlands of northern california and has stated that she plans to bed both carlos and greg...together! please let me not be home when this occurs, if it ever does because i really hate to vomit. all that wretching makes my abs sore.

this last week went well school-wise as well as my life in general. soon, i will jetting it to nyc and columbia uni for classes and interning for 3 months. can't wait. there are so many opportunities to meet men in nyc that just don't happen here in santa barbara. i still think about damon from last year who came up to me at closing time at a bar in soho, having never spoken to me the entire night, and said nothing except to grab my hand and lead me to his apartment a couple of blocks away.

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