Saturday, May 24, 2008

Partyin' in Los Angeles

I very seldom get the opportunity to go to my hometown, Los Angeles and hang out and party with my uncle michael, his man and my los angeles bros: guys i grew up with and who have remained friends through the years. a couple of the guys, scott and bob...i have known since first grade at st. thomas school. we have all moved on but once or twice a year we converge on l.a. to bond via anejo tequila, bud and a genuine love of fucking with each other: verbally that is not literally. scott and bob are straight, ironic, funny, smart and a lot of fun to be with.
i also get the chance to spend some quality tine with the man, uncle michael, who has guided me through my life after my parents were killed.
Michael is kind, loving, considerate, a saint really: how many single men do you know who would take on the responsibility of a young boy when he is barely out of his teens? he's a special dude and his current man is lucky indeed.
anyway, this morning after a pretty terrific friday night at q's with carlos, greg and the bros, i arrive here in the city of the angels and the uncs and i go to breakfast at the pacific dining car for champagne, eggs benedict and some pretty intense convo. i love this guy more than life and he in turn loves me without reservation. i feel secure, content and happy in his presence and this big, handsome man will never want for anything as long as i am around.
so plans for tonight: dinner (i think ketchup or geisha), clubs (i think hyde) and loads of laughter and fun.
music: nested (laura nyro), mary j., music of my mind (stevie), esther ofarim, death cab for cutie, coldplay, hot chip...


Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Sounds like good times are ahead.

Make the most & enjoy yourself Ty. Life don't really get better than this.

George x

dit said...

It is so great that you keep in touch with your friends from elementary school.

Your Uncle sounds more than cool. As soul said, does not get much better than that. Enjoy.

tyler said...

i love your possitivity and you continued support and kind comments.
i am blessed...this i know.
your candor and kindness also disarm me at times. you're just a mushy marshmellow underneath all the scarcasm and i love it.

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Mushy marshmellow?


Well I've never been called that before.