Saturday, May 3, 2008

staying in on saturday watching the de la hoya fight with da bros....

(this is the best photo i could nab off of the hbo website of forbes: poor guy)
i'm a big oscar de la hoya fan and a big boxing fan in general: something i share with my favorite author, joyce carol oates, who learned to love boxing by way of her pops as did i. check out oates' "on boxing." i can still recall watching boxing matches with pops: he drinking beer and yelling at the screen (which, though i don't drink beer, i do also: scream at the tv screen that is...)
anyway, oscar fought here in so/cal (in carson)against a smaler, weaker steve forbes.
the bros came over and i cooked loads of ribs, smashed yukon gold potatoes,huge amounts of arugula and baby lettuces with a homemade greek-style dressing and a fresh stawberry pie. the tequila flowed as it is may 3rd, two days before may 5th or cinco de mayo which celebrates the mexican defeat over the french in 18__? the funny thing is (and i just read this in the newspaper today) the french came back and re-took mexico for several more years. so what exactly are we celebrating on 5/5? i think it has more to do with patron tequila or cuervo tequila than it does about history.
the fight was pretty exciting but the result was a forgone conclusion as de la hoya was fighting below his ability level and a defeat would have been a major disgrace for him. it also didn't help (or maybe it did) that all month hbo ran promos in which oscar states that this fight with forbes was a "tune up" fight. in other words, oscar viewed this fight as just another sparring match albeit one in front of 30,000 people in person and millions on hbo. now if i were forbes (who is very cute, btw) i would be pissed. so maybe oscar knew what he was doing in order that the fight not turn into merely a one-sided, open and shut case with oscar beating the fuck out of forbes which did not happen btw. forbes mostly covered up and bounced around and waited for the round bells to ring and oscar got in a number of good shots but could not knock forbes down. so: a good fight not a great one.
de la hoya is pretty much a hero and boxing icon here in so/cal and though there are many in the hispanic community that look a bit askance at his marriages to non-hispanics, oscar is most definitely DA MAN! the fact that oscar is pretty hot only adds to his celebrity. oscar is 35 now and i have never seen him fight with more authority and skill. his next "real" fight will be in september with mayweather, who beat him in a very poor decision last year.
it's off to q's now with the battling duo of carlos and greg: please pray for me here. i don't want to end up breaking these two apart in a public place once again
and maybe having to fight one or the other or both just to extricate myself.
carlos and greg: they are either in carlos' room fucking or out in public at q's eventually fighting. fucking and fightng, fighting and fucking. go figure. carlos' gf has returned from the highlands of northern california and has stated that she plans to bed both carlos and greg...together! please let me not be home when this occurs, if it ever does because i really hate to vomit. all that wretching makes my abs sore.

this last week went well school-wise as well as my life in general. soon, i will jetting it to nyc and columbia uni for classes and interning for 3 months. can't wait. there are so many opportunities to meet men in nyc that just don't happen here in santa barbara. i still think about damon from last year who came up to me at closing time at a bar in soho, having never spoken to me the entire night, and said nothing except to grab my hand and lead me to his apartment a couple of blocks away.

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Tim in Italy said...

Personally, I think there is a strange conflux happening here. While Carlos is becoming gay, after reading this post, you seem to be moving to the straight side. It's the boxing thing... straight man stereotype, I know, but... just stop breaking all the rules, OKAY! You're making me crazy!

It's that zesty unpredictability!

tyler said...

welcome back to the world of the living!
i hope your travels were good.

dit said...

De la Hoya is adorable.

I heard Sinko de Mayo had to do with Mayonnaise and the Titanic. So confusing.

Oh, you lucky guy. I love NYC. Such an amazing place.

tyler said...

mayo and carlotta?
lucky? hmmmm. i will work like a whore in heat this summer what with giving and taking classes but you're right: nyc is HOT!

dit said...

Yeah, I love NYC. It has this amazing energy that I have only experienced while there. I am sure working or not, you will have a grand time.

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Its the 1860s for sure.. either 1862 or 1863.

Wow thats kinda great news on the NYC. When will you be shifting over?

PS - the pseudonyms are to protect the identities of those who I mention. Coz well I might not be well pleased if someone outed me on their blog and I wasn't out. If someone knows about my blog and are confident with their sexuality or are okay with me using their name.. I tend to. Otherwise they get attributed a character.. truth is anyone on my Facebook can puzzle most of these people out :o( so not entirely sure how well this theory pans out

Rick said...

NYC is hot. You'll fit right in.

tyler said...

dit: yes, nyc is great. i did this same school thing last year.
oh well, being out is not an issue with my friends, i guess. isn't being partly in the closet kinda, 1990's?
i will going to nyc in july.
yes last year was a bannner summer for me in nyc.

Tim in Italy said...


I'll be in LA over Memorial Day. E-mail me.