Friday, May 16, 2008

motorcycle man...

i have known brandon for two years. he was/is the guy who drove/drives a motorcycle around campus against all rules to the contrary.
brandon is tall, dark and almost handsome but what makes him ridiculously sexy is the appendage to his being that he sits upon: his bmw motorbike.
brandon is the type of guy who appears out of nowhere more than ready to flirt with you and to tell you things that you often need to hear: "hey sexy, want to ride me?....want a ride on my bike?" he is merciless in his attraction to guys. btw: he does this come on shit to a number of guys that i know and is by no means limited to me.
but this last week, brandon has been whirling about me both from on his bike as well from on foot: we share several classes together and this week he has decided to concentrate his immense sexuality on me.
brandon's sexuality is raw, obvious and unrelenting. i tried to avoid it but couldn't. so shoot me: i was a slimy ho for a week.
getting to brandon involves stripping away several layers of black leather and cotton underwear. he wears a lot of clothes as in long johns, tee shirts, briefs, leather pants, etc. we had sex 4 times this week: in my dorm room, out back outside the gym, in a bathroom stall in the psych dept bathroom on the 2nd floor and outside the trader joe's on milpas.
i couldn't help it and i blame brandon for my recent indiscretions. he is a ho: a sexy one who plies his wares on innocent boys like me. he also plies his wares on the less innocent: he cares not who he violates and how much pleasure he gives...which is mind-blowingly unbelievable.
how brandon came by his natural affinity for giving guys pleasure will always remain a mystery as he adamantly refuses to answer questions. any questions. how old are you? why do you wear so many layers of clothing? where do you live? why do your toes look so groomed? have you ever had a bf?...all of these questions are asked of him and all remain unanswered. brandon is an enigma even though he is an enigma unto himself alone. but be that as it may, brandon is a sexy mo fo with sexual technique enough for ten dudes.
oh well.

music: sade, heavenly, duffy, zazie, mylene farmer, laura nyro, esther ofarim, kelly clarkson, cream. jeff beck, al di meola, sarah, ella, jonas kaufmann...


jay said...

um, wow. That's alot of sex. You've had more sex in one week than I've had in 2008. 4 versus 0.

tyler said...

ha! believe me, if you read this blog you will know that this is not the norm in my life but brandon is a force of nature that i decided NOT to resist this week.

dit said...

How fun! I love it. In my opinion, you are either born with sexiness or not. It can not be bought. I am so glad you found some that matches yours. Bravo for you and Brandon.

tyler said...

ok, dit-man:
brandon isn't anyone that i would even think about being with...except in the sack.
he is not bf material. he's a ho, a beautiful ho but a ho nonetheless.

Rick said...

He sounds like quite a hottie. A mystery man, what an appeal.

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

So essentailly what your saying is.. Brandon's greatest asset is the thing between his legs. HAHAHA. Sorry I couldn't help myself. I agree guys permanently attached to a motorbike are HOT.

Thats the greatest appeal.. a real mystery man.

Glad to hear you're having good times :o)