Saturday, December 27, 2008

new years eve: the loneliest night of the year?

well, it looks like my european trip is off this year due to an unforseen personal situation.
bob is bummed. i am bummed also but we will make the best of it here in santa barbara. in many ways it will be a relief to just kick back and relax for a month and eat, fuck, drink, work out, run on the beach and generally stay close to home and close to my uncle michael in los angeles: which is a short hop away from me. without revelaing too much, the uncs comes first above all others and he needs me now.
i have seen a number of movies: milk (very good), doubt (empty headed), benjamin button (very close to perfect)and revolutionary road (riveting).
bob and i will spend new years eve in los angeles: we will make a big party, i will will be a blast. the sb bros will meet the la bros and i will referee the ensuing confrontation.....more on that later.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

misc stuff in no particular order

the vampires left before i could say goodbye the day after the great dinner we had at downey's. there were reports of rat, dog and cat bones littered all over state street the next day in the sb newspaper.

christmas is coming sooner than later. i don't know about you but i feel enervated about the whole thing. i can't seem to dredge up much enthusiasm. the best thing is that i will be spending some time in los angeles with the uncs.
i did have a tree-trimming party here in sb in the dorm and that was fun but something was missing, christmas spirit-wise, ya know?
the guests were great, the food was slammin' and the tequila and wine were primo....but. bob was in a good mood and actually made an effort to get to know the bros. he also got drunk. but drunk in a good way: touchy, kissy, feely, vulnerable, defenses down, happy.
he was a hit with my friends both male and female. btw: there were 2 of his actual current students attending and he didn't outwardly flinch though i could sense a little trepidation. he soon got over that.

i am a great fan of jason statham (seen here) and i recently saw his "transporter3" which was a whole lot of fun. i read an article in which the director/writer of all three transporters wrote that he had created this character as a gay man. if that is true though, why does statham always have a scene in each film fucking a woman? nevertheless, run to see is a hoot. i firmly believe that they should have picked statham as the new james bond but maybe his screen personna is too ironic, too macho, too sexy, too edgey for bond. another statham movie that rocks is "crank," which is an updating of the 50'ish film noir, "d.o.a." and funny as hell.

---the bitter pill: de la hoya vs pacquiao---
obviously, at least to those who know me, the oscar de la hoya fight of last saturday night was a major downer for me: he lost. no, more to the point, he was hammered and taken apart by manny pacquiao. it was the first time that a de la hoya fight had to be stopped: stopped because de la hoya's handlers threw in the towel that is. i honestly don't remember if the white towel was actually thrown in the ring as by this time, i was not only pissed off but in, if not drunk, well on my way were my bros, also de la hoya fans. there are many social and moral reasons why de la hoya is a hero to me, some are: he is a los angeleno, his family is from mexico (as my pops parents were), he has done a lot for the poor of east los angeles and is basically a cool, moral,socially conscious and humble man.
he should not have taken this fight. it was a mistake. he should have retired without staining his professional rep with this travesty of a bout. i'm sad. my bros are sad. i am bracing myself now because hbo is re-broadcasting the fight right now and i am totally sober. will i be able to watch it again?


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the vampires have risen....

so i'm sure you all remember the vampires from my stay in nyc this last summer and from my close encounter with a particular one on july 4th in central park. if you remember i was about to fuck him when something told me: don't do it!
for once, i didn't and i came to learn that he (edgar) was part of a group of vampires who also attended columbia with me though they were all under grads and all english majors. more importantly, they were all devastatingly handsome.
if you also remember, they followed me around the university watching my every move which was on the one hand sexy but on the other...creepy.
edgar also called me here in sb asking if i would mind a visit but hey i ain't no fool: iknow that if you invite a vampire into your home that he can do anything that a guest can do. so i demurred.
so what happened? the whole bunch came a callin' to me at ucsb en masse...all 6 of them. and fuck did they make a commotion or what? they are deathly white, beautiful, well dressed, un naturally muscled and unmistakingly and devastatingly sexy.
they strode into one of my classes mentored by a prof who takes everything in stride: welcome he said. you are all welcome to come in and listen and participate if you feel so inclined.
so, i coninued to participate in class and when it was over what to do, i thought.
ok: i'll take then to downey's for dinner: i mean what else, right. i take a pack of vampires to the finest restaurant in santa barbara, right?
vampires do not eat but they sure drink red wine and eat desserts...many desserts.
i found them a room at the spanish garden inn and bid farewell thinking i had done my duty as a host. but no. they were at my doorstep at 6 am in the morning when i awoke groggy from the night before but looking forward to my workout and my final classes of 2008. so off we all went to the ucsb gym.
end of part I.