Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the vampires have risen....

so i'm sure you all remember the vampires from my stay in nyc this last summer and from my close encounter with a particular one on july 4th in central park. if you remember i was about to fuck him when something told me: don't do it!
for once, i didn't and i came to learn that he (edgar) was part of a group of vampires who also attended columbia with me though they were all under grads and all english majors. more importantly, they were all devastatingly handsome.
if you also remember, they followed me around the university watching my every move which was on the one hand sexy but on the other...creepy.
edgar also called me here in sb asking if i would mind a visit but hey i ain't no fool: iknow that if you invite a vampire into your home that he can do anything that a guest can do. so i demurred.
so what happened? the whole bunch came a callin' to me at ucsb en masse...all 6 of them. and fuck did they make a commotion or what? they are deathly white, beautiful, well dressed, un naturally muscled and unmistakingly and devastatingly sexy.
they strode into one of my classes mentored by a prof who takes everything in stride: welcome he said. you are all welcome to come in and listen and participate if you feel so inclined.
so, i coninued to participate in class and when it was over what to do, i thought.
ok: i'll take then to downey's for dinner: i mean what else, right. i take a pack of vampires to the finest restaurant in santa barbara, right?
vampires do not eat but they sure drink red wine and eat desserts...many desserts.
i found them a room at the spanish garden inn and bid farewell thinking i had done my duty as a host. but no. they were at my doorstep at 6 am in the morning when i awoke groggy from the night before but looking forward to my workout and my final classes of 2008. so off we all went to the ucsb gym.
end of part I.


dit said...

someones gonna get bit! lol

Lola Lopsa said...

and... how does a vampire's cock looks like ?

tyler said...

normal except the pee slit is forked.

dit said...

silly, you! Ha. Only kidding.

tyler said...

yeah, i know...i'm just wiggling your weinie too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tyler...just caught up on your blog, I've been
busy for once!

So muscular handsome vampires crash college classes and track down handsome people! Sounds good to me!

Hope things are well in SB...vampires crashing class sounds interesting! They sleep during the day I guess. Are they gay vampires? I guess so if one wanted you to bang him. It was a him I'm guessing.

tyler said...

glad to see you back. e-mail me and let me know the details.