Monday, November 24, 2008

giving thanks and other unsightly endeavors

thanksgiving is coming up here in just about three days. it is a day of rest, a day of eating too much,a day to hopefully think about all that is good and pure about your life: a day to make some changes for the better.
i have always loved thanksgiving and my uncle made sure that no matter in what financial shape he was in (of course as a dumb kid i could not tell that he was a struggling student when he adpoted me at the ripe of old of 23), we always had a big turkey and all the trimmings.
i had planned to spend thanksgiving with bob's mom in bellevue, washington but when i told the uncs he had such a look of disappointment, i immediately changed my mind. would i ever purposely hurt this man in any way shape or form? no fucking way. he comes first. he was/is my savior in so many ways.
so bob, his mom and i plus the uncs and his man will spend the day together. i will cook. we will drink, eat and then drink and eat again. i have honed this menu to the point that it is truly one of the best meals that i cook. i cook a lot of course but seldom prepare an entire meal: from soup to nuts as they say. it takes days, it is a pain in the ass but when we all sit down on thursday, it will be magic. on top of all of this it is supposed to rain. how sweet is that? it has been so hot here in so cal for so long that a day of food, family, friends AND cold weather in los angeles? too much to hope for, huh?
so speaking of bob: it has been a while since i have written about him...we did have our first argument, made up and then had another one. right now we are cozy. all is well but to be honest there is now a small crack on the surface of our relationship. the age difference is now more apparent, his heretofore heterosexuality is also an issue: an issue that will never be resolved. oddly enough, i am calm about this. i have accepted it. do i wince when he checks out a woman? yes but not any more than when he checks out a man. hey, i do the same and he doesn't like it either. this is life isn't it? you take the good with the bad as moms used to say. why i remember her saying this i do not know but i do.
so happy thanksgiving to my readers: sorry about the lapse in writing of late but school is grueling and frankly that is all that i can think about right now except for my moms and pops and my uncle michael and bob.
the holidays can be a bad time for many people: those who think that they have no one with which to commiserate. but, though i don't have much to offer, i do have that in spades. i understand you, i relate, i care.


W said...

now that is a song i havent listended to for a while... time to revisit massive attack. Possibly one of the best tunes ever made i think.

Tim in Italy said...

Sounds like you are blessed and what a great way to integrate the families. We're busy here bidding on 5 separate projects, so I won't pine for turkey and stuffing too much. And I'll be heading to France in a week for a local festival and to spend some quality time with Jean Paul, who seems to be getting cuter by the minute... I know, he's too skinny, but just getting an e-mail from him makes me hard. Beats turkey and pie, let me tell ya.

tyler said...

i don't know: my turkey and pumpkin pie is pretty orgasmic, tims.
have a great time in france.

Tim in Italy said...

I'm sure it is, owing at least partly to the fact that you cook it in the nude.

tyler said...

ew: curlies in the stuffing?

Rick said...

Happy T-day...hope it's tasteful!