Monday, January 18, 2010

i'm here, i'm in europe with the uncs and...

i am months away from finishing with school and earning my phd. i have been in europe since 1/2/10. i have been to milan, rome, bucharest, prague, paris and will return to italy tomorrow.
christmas and new years: i spent with the uncs and his lover. bob is a faint memory but when i do think of him, my heart winces. i see him every so often on campus and i marvel at how beautiful he is and remember how wonderful our lovemaking was.
it is very late here in bucharest, romania and i half expect to hear/see on local tv that another poor soul has been bitten on the neck and sucked dry of all of his blood.
fanciful and romantic, heh?
i have not found another to love or he hasn't found me....or both. i alternately am in pain but here are some of the things that have lifted my spirits of late:
1. broken embraces: almodovars wonderful movie about finding, losing, regaining and then losing love again and again
2. alicia keys new cd: listen to "i'm ready"
3.dr g. on discovery health lemon tree
5. up in the air: george clooney
and of course family and friends and professors.
sorry about this blog being so disjointed and short. i had not intended to write it. but so be it. i hope that my few readers find it, read it and comment.