Monday, January 18, 2010

i'm here, i'm in europe with the uncs and...

i am months away from finishing with school and earning my phd. i have been in europe since 1/2/10. i have been to milan, rome, bucharest, prague, paris and will return to italy tomorrow.
christmas and new years: i spent with the uncs and his lover. bob is a faint memory but when i do think of him, my heart winces. i see him every so often on campus and i marvel at how beautiful he is and remember how wonderful our lovemaking was.
it is very late here in bucharest, romania and i half expect to hear/see on local tv that another poor soul has been bitten on the neck and sucked dry of all of his blood.
fanciful and romantic, heh?
i have not found another to love or he hasn't found me....or both. i alternately am in pain but here are some of the things that have lifted my spirits of late:
1. broken embraces: almodovars wonderful movie about finding, losing, regaining and then losing love again and again
2. alicia keys new cd: listen to "i'm ready"
3.dr g. on discovery health lemon tree
5. up in the air: george clooney
and of course family and friends and professors.
sorry about this blog being so disjointed and short. i had not intended to write it. but so be it. i hope that my few readers find it, read it and comment.


Happy said...

Hey Phoenix,

How have you been? Happy to hear you are getting the best of Europe! Are you back in the US yet?

Sentimentality is an illness we all struggle with. It hit me pretty hard while down under, and listening to corny Norwegian songs didn't make the situation any better I must say. Longing for a memory only makes the disappointment worse when you return to a changed place, reality or person. Though change usually is a good thing, I have experienced sentimentality isn't in most cases, now being back in Norway again.

Pink Floyd - shine on you crazy diamond
Phoenix - if I ever feel better

Rick said...

Hope your enjoying Europe. Good luck with that PhD...big milestone!

tyler said...

yes i am back in santa barbara and back in school. thanks for the post. how goes it with you?
rick: i will earn my phD in june.....

Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler,
Checked back and you had added a post, though it was quite awhile ago...Hope you had a great time in Europe and your heart is healing (or healed).

PHD huh, fancy that! What an acheivement. Think I'll possibly be in Santa Barbara in mid/late March for a day or two if things work out. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. I want more - it has been an amazing journey for you, and for me as your reader. I don't want the journey to end... (PS: You have more than 3 readers, methinks!)

Happy said...

Hey Phoenix,

sorry for the long wait, been keeping myself entertained with work and yet another doctor. When am I to learn. Am starting to feel better now tho.
Not long until you get your PhD eh? Hope the last bolt before the finish line goes well - and that all is good with you! Share some news sometime! :)

A little track to get you into summer mood: Burt Bacharach - south american getaway