Friday, August 7, 2009

ok so it took me 6 weeks to get back to it....

the trip and bbq to new canaan was uneventful this year but nonetheless loads of fun. i love dennis and his moms and pops and they me.
we ate. we drank, we had deep conversations about all sorts of subjects.
these are the kinds of conversations that come from a place of love and respect and therefore we were all as forthcoming as possible. we bleed the truth with no thought of repercussion: either emotional or physical.
we ate, we drank, we got even closer than ever.
so now it is august and i have been here in nyc for almost two months. school is going well and it is a little sad that that this is my last summer in nyc and columbia for this time next year i will have my phD and well into my internship.
7/4/09: what a wild fucking day and night. the vampires are back and one in particular, elliott is on me almost all of the time as you all know elliott is an english under graduate. he is beautiful in a blond, lithe and weird.. not really my type but i can't stop thinking and dreaming about fucking him.
july 4th i went to witness the coney island hot dog eating contest and reveled in the outrageousness of the whole affair. i mean i enjoy a good hot dog once in a while but to eat 68 in 10 minutes or even 10 days makes me want to puke.
the central park concert was a wild affair just as it was last year. people fucking on the lawn, smoking spliff, generally acting a fool. just exactly my scene.
so it is now august 7 and i am loving nyc even more than before. dennis is spending a lot of time with me here in the city and this weekend his moms and pops are coming here and all 4 of us will paint the town blue. more on this later.
i'm listening to this a lot lately:


Anonymous said...

Vampires!!!! Nice. Lol. Thanks for update. Show Dennis the world.---closet/jeff. (didn't feel like signing in on my iPhone)

Anonymous said...

BLOG! Just checking back to see if you've written anything. Hope your well Tyler!!!!