Monday, June 22, 2009

the ice storm redux: new canaan june 2009...PART 1

ang lee, the most humane of current movie directors made a movie of rick moody's...err moody novel, the ice storm in new canaan. the movie was set in the swinging 70's: all bell bottoms, wife swapping and swilling of stoly vodka.
and here i am in new canaan with a waspy family but a family filled and encased with love, not in the general sense of love, the love the one your with love or love is all we need lovr but one of real, deep and all abiding love: it's dennis' moms and pops. they are full of the stuff. they are over flowing with caring and they love their son so much that it sometimes makes me timid, makes me jealous, makes me a yearning hunk of melting, on fire hot humankind.
ok: so saturday after the car wash with pops means shopping at whole foods for saturday night's requisite bbq at which i am the designated cook but pops is the designated sponsor of said event. so pops and i go to the super gay, super waspy new canaan whole foods and it is there where we find all sorts of comestibles at ridiculous prices and i wonder: where is this so-called minor depression that everyone on tv is discussing? well i'm here to tell you it ain't here in new canaan that is for sure.
so pops pushes the cart while i take and throw things into the cart...and after two years of these bbq's, i do not even look at the cost of anything, which for me, is a revelation as i,like most, must watch every penny i spend. but so be it.
i decide that i will bbq a lamb leg which i will bone, marinate in oil, mint and garlic. we will also have bbq'd artichoke hearts with garlic dipping cream and a shitload of smashed oregon yellow potatoes/butter and creme fraiche. since it is pops favorite, i will also make my infamous brownies. we also bought a case of cambria chardonnay and one of shraumsberg blanc de noir champagne...and for me 3 lbs of dark chocolate with almonds...which i start to eat in the store.
there are a lot and i mean a lot of gay couples with strollers and children and they give the pops and i the once over and damn it if pops clings to me in a suggestive manner...the old sod, heh?
so the shopping done, pops suggests that we hit the country club for drinks (moms and dennis are out shopping)and he intros me to his cronies as his son's good friend...
of course we get a little drunk on patron anejo and proceed to have a great time talking about dennis: who we both love, respect and adore.
dennis is the kind of dude that, even after you (as in me) don't write or e-mail him for a while will always seem up and positive when you finally decide to do so. he does not have one whit of bitchiness or negativity in his body. dennis is a refreshing person: one who makes you feel good about yourself by merely being in his company.
so pops and i spend 4 hours at the country club boozing like maniacs and crawl home basically...and i wonder: how the fuck am i going to put this huge bbq dinner together in THIS condition?
more soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh good, your writing again! I'm sitting in my hotel room in Vegas surfing. Good stuff to read from you. Seems like you were just out there and that was a year ago. Amazing, still remember the story of the guy leaving he movie theater and not re-emerging for quite some time.

Well, hope things are well back east for you. Almost a clinical psychologist, I can be your first patient lol.

Enjoy the bbq if you sober up, should be an interesting read.

Rick said...

Hopefully your bbg went off well.

tyler said...

sorry guys: i just never got back to write part2.
yes rick: all went well. thanks for asking

Anonymous said...

More soon!!!!!!!!