Saturday, June 20, 2009

new canaan, connecticut: 06 20 09

arrived here this morning via train and dennis' pops was waiting for me. it has become a tradition now that pops and i go to the new canaan car wash when i am in town to have his car washed.
for you long standing readers: many things have happened in said car wash including an extremely handsome dude who came onto me, while pops was dealing with something and asked me if pops and i were lovers...out of the blue as it were. now the pops is a very handsome 50 ish man and, to be honest, he and i do make a head turning couple...but he is str8, married to dennis' mom and much more important to me as a father and mentor than as a proposed lover.
in other words: i keep my hands and my mind off the goods and respect and love him in a fatherly way. enough said?
anyways, pops and i went directly to the car wash. and what a car wash it is: dry cleaners, putting green, massage chair, snack bar serving fucking ceviche and now, new for this year: a tequila shot bar.
so, who am i to go against the grain of a groovy suburban town like this, heh? yup: the pops and i have a couple of patron anjeo's while his new escalade is being washed.
ok: so yes i had to wonder how the total white waspy-ness of pops would decide to buy that most hip-hoppish of vehicles: an escalade.
when i asked him about it almost immediately after we left the train station he merely said: "tyler, i'm hip." and you know what...the pops is, was and will forever be just that.
we did shots, we ate ceviche and i even got a pedicure today all in the company of one of my favorite men of all times: dennis' pops.
nothing else much happened but dennis lent me his father for a few hours and i basked in the love of a man whose only thoughts about/towards me were based on love, respect and an abiding interest in my well being.
i have been without a father for so long that our time together is very very dear to me. thanks pops: you are the tops!


Tim in Italy said...

the two of you must make quite a sight, for complete strangers to ask if you're lovers!

your words regarding Pops are kind and wise as always, but were you to ask him, and maybe you have, i would say that he would tell you that he is as thankful for you as you are for him, which is not to take anything away from Dennis.

who knows what makes the world go round. i certainly don't, and for all my travels, i've never met anyone who does. all we can do if follow wherever our hearts lead us, wherever that may be. and that takes courage, sensitivity and grace, which you and Pops seem to possess in abundance.

good on ya.

tyler said...

after re-reading this i am worried about uncs. but them i worry about everyone.
i mean: will uncs take umbrage? i hope not for he stands alone and above everyone else and shall remain so until i perish.
anyway: thanks for your wise, as always, insights.
i still have to post about the terrific saturday night bbq with moms and pops and dennis and of course pops and i at the local whole foods store.