Monday, June 15, 2009

monday, 6/15/09, D-DAY

all went well today but it was a major bitch of a day: required workout, analysis with a new analyst...never an easy thing. seminars were heavy but stimulating. right now i need some pinot noir and i brought enough trader joe's dark chocolate with almonds to last me...ok maybe a month. so i am set.
for now, for tonight.
my new living quarters are plush as befitting an almost clinical psychologist. yeah i know that is a quasi superior attitude. but c'mon i've worked like a mother fuck to get here at the point in my life when my life's goal is actually within my reach: i can see it, i can feel it inside and i can almost touch it.
speaking of touching it, elliott the beautiful english undergrad and super cute vampire and i made out like bandits today in central park: very close to the scene of our near sex of last july 4th. he makes me crazy: what can i say?
anyone watching nurse jackie on showtime? do so. it is primo and of course, true blood started again last night: speaking of vampires. more later.


Tim in Italy said...

There's nothing like a hot, slammin' kiss from a handsome English undergrad to make the world seem new again... not that I have any personal experience in these matters. I always gravitated to German majors.

This post begs the question of just how close are you to your degree?

As I prepare to return to the US, certain aspects of American life do fill me with excitement, not the least of which is catching up on these shows everyone talks about, but I have never seen, True Blood, for instance... not to mention not having to bag my own groceries!

tyler said...

i have another year: so june of 2010...then a year of intense analysis (i don't know how it can get any more intense than it is now...but so be it) and residency. then i will be supposedly fit to practice on real people.
the new thing here is....bagging your own groceries and even checking yourself out on a register: both of which strike me as stupid in that most people cannot seem to do either correctly so they hire people to help you through the process.
somebody somehwere thought that americans, particularly southern californians would enjoy checking themselves out but i have never seen it work well and i shop a lot...since i cook a lot.

Rick said...

Enjoy NYC...great city.

I heard good things about Nurse Jackie but don't have ShowTime. I'll have to wait till it comes out on DVD.