Saturday, June 13, 2009

i'm here, i'm partied out and i'm ready to work

dennis and i arrived here in nyc a couple of days ago and have not stopped surveying, working out, surfing and generally partying: all or most of which will end very very in after tomorrow, sunday.
then the real work of why i am here in nyc begins.
classes, seminars, interning, assisting the profs, working out: all of this on a daily basis.
the vampires have made their presence known and elliott (you remember the one that i almost fucked on the lawn in strawberry fields last july 4th) and i have chatted and even nuzzled a bit. a couple of the vamps are following me but they are so beautiful that i really don't care. why is it that under grad english majors are so gorgeous, huh?
by the way i asked elliott what he thought of the HBO series, TRUE BLOOD and he said: pure fiction! you gotta love dem vamps.
i will spend some time with dennis and his pops amd moms in new canaan very soon and if you remember from last year: new canaan is a rockin' place! suburbia at its wealthiest and sleaziest. i love it there and i love dennis' family. more on that later.
dennis, btw has eased into his gayness since last year when he revealed all to his his family. we never really become bonified gay men until that happens, ain't that the truth? anyway, dennis has matured, has had his heart broken by an older dude and is now pining for a younger one: all signs that our boy dennis is easin' and breezin' into gay life with a smile.
more on all of this later.
i'm currently loving this song:


Tim in Italy said...

We have an office in NYC near the meat packing district... I had nothing to do it selecting the location, just so you know. And the corp apartment is in the Village. If I get to town before the end of summer, I'll buy you a drink at he establishment of your choice and leave it on the bar for you.

Why are English under grads so beautiful? Because when they start grad school they turn into Garrison Keillor.

It sounds like you're doing well and that NYC is a welcome relief in spite of all the hard work... or maybe because of it.

You're always in my thoughts, T-Bone... much like Will is, except you're not the one tied naked to the bed.

tyler said...

I'll buy you a drink at he establishment of your choice and leave it on the bar for you.

Tim in Italy said...

you know, just in case you were shy about meeting... lol!

tyler said...

you bring jp, i'll bring dennis and we will have dinner at one of the new places here in town and get disgusting loud and drunk.