Sunday, May 24, 2009

vampires, damian and oh yes: my last summer here as a student

yes, it is time for me to once more, and for the last time as a student, go to nyc and columbia for advance psychology classes and seminars.
in a week, i will be there: smack dab in the morningside heights (way upper west side, almost harlem really) area of nyc at good ole columbia university. this year i will drive with dennis,my new canaan friend, from chicago. not a long trip i don't think but dennis, being will be a fun and interesting drive.
i will once more intern with a clinical/sports psychologist whose practice is on the upper west side very near columbus circle.
new york city has been very special to me always. even as a child the uncs brought me there for vacations and we went to the opera and ballet and to central park (strawberry fields) to listen to him reminisce on how important the beatles played a part in his life.
i was immersed in his memories of nyc for years but now i have my own: once again strawberry fields, carnegie deli, the university, running down broadway to 36th where macy's takes up a whole city block and of course the vampires and the many things that transpired last year on the 4th of july: making out with one of the vamps, watching the nathan's hot dog eating contest on coney island, watching two gay men in their 70's making out in front of carnegie hall on a hot sunday morning and my transexual prostitute neighbors who sucked off old men in order to pay their tuition.
i have a life i think in nyc and though i have always felt that i would practice in southern california, nyc now seems like a viable possibility.
i will once again live in the dorms but will now live alone yet among other university students.
to be honest it will be a relief to be alone and far away from bob and all the emotional shit that that entails. i will be able and look forward to seeing dennis and his moms and pops in new canaan connecticut. new canaan is/has always been a source of good stories, innit?
much life, many memories, some sadness, lots of learning and experiences await me there. and how can forget damian. damian: one of the hottest fucks of my whole life. we didn't even exchange names until the next morning. i am wistful: overly so i admit about him. oh well. one of the many pleasures of nyc is the men. men of all shapes and sizes, all ethnicities: a cornucopia of manhood.
i look forward to it: now more than ever. wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

I don't have wifi (gasp). So I'm finding hotspots and catching up on your blog.

NYC, you have such good adventures there, can't wait to catch up. Hope all is well Tyler!

WillySmith said...

I once ended up at a party with a bunch of vampires - At least, the cast of a TV show about vampires. Didn't get sucked though. Very disappointing. Although, I wouldn't want to ascend to the immortality of the undead, I'm kinda hoping for a truck accident on my 45th birthday so that I don't have to deal with getting saggy.

Dorms you say? There's really nothing so depressing as being alone among so many people. But hey, we all know I prefer it that way, and that you won't have it that way for long being all gay and shiny.


tyler said...

once classes, seminars, tutorials start on monday i will not know that i am alone. in fact for much of the time i will be so busy i will not know i am much of anything.
thank god that part of my cirriculum is keeping in shape (in that i will soon practice sports psychology)so that i am given time to work out. (expected to/forced to would probably be a better way of putting it)
btw: the vampires have already made contact by chatting me up on campus. and elliott (the one i almost fucked last july 4th in central park) follows me around i think. he's ridiculously beautiful as are most undergrad english majors, yes?