Tuesday, June 21, 2011

it is within an inch away from my grasp

it has been over a year and a half that i have posted here and a lot has gone on in that time.
first of all, career-wise: i am just finishing up my residency in nyc at columbia. i just got the word last night that if,i pass my exams i will return to nyc a member of a very well thought of sports medicine firm in nyc. whoo-hoooo!
so: what i have been striving for for 9 years is an inch away from my grasp.
spending these last months in nyc has been terrific as usual. you all know how much i love nyc. but i have always been here under the auspices of the university. when i return in september, i will be on my own (though of course you never lose the friends and connections you made in college0: living in nyc like a regular person with a big fat degree and a license from the states of both new york and california hanging on my office wall.
it it sounds like i am bursting with pride and a healthy sense of accomplishment: i am.
i did it.
as far as a personal life: eh! not too much is going on. i met and had a couple dates here but nothing that amounts to boyfriend material. i have a sweet, funny thing going on with a certain dude from colorado: but that is internet and we will see.
more later. i hope all of my 3 fans will see that i am back and will comment. and to you new readers: welcome to my world.

(btw: the dude with the green shirt is michael fassbinder, my new infatuation)

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