Friday, May 9, 2008

east coast men

as my nyc stint approaches i have begun to think about my time in nyc last an all of my life west coast dude it was honestly refreshing last year to expose myself literally to the pleasures and foibles of the east coast and of its men in particular.
there is of course the unbelievably and never to be replicated damon who whisked me off to his humble abode, spoke about 10 words to me and made the kind of love to me that people write about in books...but will this happen again this year? i doubt it unless damon comes out of his cave and decides it is once again time to make love to a dude....oh well...THAT will never happen again but i've had it once and most have never had it happen at all.
i will be spending almost all of my time with people from all over the world soon: men and women who have come to nyc to avail themselves of an education that only nyc and columbia can offer. last year i met many beautiful people who even now remain friends and with whom i look forward to hooking up with again very soon.
there was this one dutch dude named kaspar who took a shine to me but to whom i did not reciprocate. i found out today that kaspar was killed last winter in a car accident. i grieve for him and his honesty and integrity: he loved me and told me so and i in turn rebuffed him. was i wrong in doing so? no. but it still smarts nonetheless. why is it that we spurn those that truly love us because they do not meet our criteria as far as looks are concerned? and with kaspar there was no "let's only be pals?" he wanted me completely or not at all. actually both kaspar and i share this outlook on relationships. kaspar was a very kind person who, according to my personal taste in men, did not come up to my standards: so-called standards that are nebulous at best. i will miss his smile, his sense of humor his very being.
anyway: i look forward with hope to nyc and my studies.
music: jonas kaufmann, rolando villazon, alison moyet, heavenly, talk, talk, joan sutherland, erykah badu, elliott yamin, luther vandross, teddy pendergras....


dit said...

AW! NYC, tone of the most amazing places on the planet, at least I think so. Has an energy like no other. Have a great time. Understandably you will be working. But take in all the elements just the same.

So sorry to hear of your classmate/friend who has passed.

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

I admire Kaspar's qualities too. People like that are surprisingly rare and refreshing.

A heartwarming post.. thanks for sharing this about him.

jay said...

I'm sorry to hear of your friend's passing. SSD is right people like that are surprisingly rare.

As someone who moved to NYC just 5 months ago, I absolutely love it! As for Columbia, what an amazing campus. I stayed there during the summer of 2006 when I had an internship in the big apple.

tyler said...

yup, nyc is special and i am looking forward to columbia and also to the city.