Friday, April 25, 2008

random thoughts and situations on a friday afternoon....

so today was a good day.. a very good day at school: workouts went well, classes even better though my bob was absent today, a victim of the flu that seems to be going around. odd, that the flu is even an issue here lately as the temp has been in the 80's for a while though, of course, the temp has nothing to do with the flu bug.
so, it was a minor bummer not to see bob's bright face and crooked smile today: a face and smile that is always full of wonder,positivity, hope and most importantly...kindness and a thorough understanding of what makes us all tick.

the charges ("mayhem," remember?) against carlos and greg have been dropped and the noise coming from carlos' bedroom is definitely not from a woman's throat but from a mans: i.e. one gregory. this is cool for both of them but as we all know it is a slippery slope trying to sustain a relationship with a bi-sexual. personally I would always be carrying around the thought that carlos would be looking around for a replacement, which is bad enough...but a replacement of the female gender. but thank god, carlos is not my problem in that way though as friends he is a problem in quite a few other ways.

american idol: though at first i hated this daughtry wannabee, david cook after this weeks andrew lloyd webber-fest, his performance of "music in the night" was unbelievably stellar in every way: WOW! the other david as in david archuleta was good but not as good as his counterpart, david cook. just for the record, i also loved dreadlocked, jason's interpretation of "memories" : albeit a weird choice for a dude but jason showed an emotional depth that very few of the other contestants could match. all these three gave much more than surface readings of their songs: songs that were written and first performed before these dudes were born.

tonight: no partying for this guy as i have a saturday, all day seminar with bob on my specialty: sports psych. hopefully bob shows up. as i am typing this i am about one millimeter/one second away from getting up and making him a sterling chicken soup with roasted chicken breasts and veggies but if i went over to his house with a pot of this and there were a woman there tending to his aches and pains i would probably kill myself. anyway: it's bill maher on hbo for me tonight, a couple of tokes and tomorrow is another story.

facebook: anyone else think that it is ridiculously complicated?

love has been on my mind of late or more to the point a lack of love in my life from a special someone that is. i have and enjoy love from friends and from my uncle michael there is no doubt but to put it bluntly, i need a boyfriend even if it doesn't work out ya know: someone to fuck, someone with whom to hold hands at the movies, someone who asks me to iron his shirt in the morning (a skill i learned from my mother who was an expert at it), someone i can depend on and he on me. i don't think i am asking for a lot nor am i asking for something for an extended period of time. i just need it for the now.
aretha: say a little prayer, ain't no way...lorraine ellison: stay with me baby, madama butterfly (freni,pavarotti), erykah badu: tyrone, seal, keane, hot chips, kenna...


Rick said...

Interesting blog you got here. Popped on over from Dit21.

I too like American Idol. Am a fan of both the Davids.

see ya

George said...

You never know.. you could have got to Bobo's and found a bloke tending his achin muscles.. would that have made you wanna kill youself, or open up a whole new level of attraction?

Err.. no Facebook is kinda simple. Wall/Email/Poke/Tag/Comment (it doesn't really get anymore complicted than that). If your finding it complicated, then I think its you.

Talking of Facebook, I totally love the Scrabble Add-On... its addictive.

As for the note on love. Poo Poo. I'm sure its not that hard for you to hook up with someone if thats what you want. Something meaningful.. well thats a totally different matter.

PS - I'd have let you iron my shirts.. but well you're too far away.

Joking aside, I hear what your saying. I feel it too sometimes. What to do though?

tyler said...

welcome. american idol this season is very cool.
hooking up is not the issue.
bob: i would murder the dude who dared to tend to my bob.

savante said...

Nice blog :)

And you do know facebook has gotten more complex now that it has chat?

tyler said...

thanks. i'm new to facebook but i'm also beginning to get the hang of it...

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

I'm getting attached to your posts.. post more.

dit said...

In my opinion, American Idol (AI) has lost its luster. In the beginning there was the promise of small town regular person gets stardom. This year, they all seem too polished. Both David's are good. Cook is the most Versatile.

Ah, yes . . . love is in the air. It is spring my friend. I have no idea why most anyone would not find you not only adorable but great bf material. Go out and give it a go.

tyler said...

i post when i feel the need.
we'll see who gets booted from american idol tonight: i'm thinking that it will be the black girl.
as for being adorable: yes, i know this is true...ha! but finding someone who can withstand being ignored most of the time because of my ridiculous school schedule is another story.

dit said...

Honestly, if it were not for Paula and her antics, that show might be better than Unisom or Oprah at this juncture. lol

It will hit you when you least expect it. They will be in and on your mind more than your studies. When you think of them, you will smile and get a twinkle in your eye.