Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"the people who are the hardest to love usually need it the most"

Love has no rules. It happens when you least expect it, often when you don't want it, many times when you can't handle it. It often times scares you, surprises you, shakes you down to your very core.
When love hits you for the very first time, you question your sanity as your entire world feels and looks different. What is it, you ask yourself? Why do I turn to jelly when I think of Him? When I wake up in the morning why is my first thought of Him?
Just as often you think: what will I do when he is gone, when I can no longer smell his particular aroma next to me because he is no longer there?
No one is easy to love. We all come from different places emotionally and making the connection is often fraught with difficulties, misunderstandings and failures of comprehension and communication. We all speak a different emotional language as different from one another as if we were from different planets.
How do we manage somehow to bridge these gaping chasms, then? How do we manage to fall in/ resign ourselves to/let down our guards...to open ourselves up to love?


Tim in Italy said...

How else would we know we're alive?

dit said...

What Tim says is true. I have always believed that people come into and out of lives. It just happens, sometimes very painful. I have also learned that people are not possessions, you can not hold them against your will. All the more reason to cherish each moment with each.

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

There is flawed logic in simplicity. I think we all have a flair and passion for drama. If love were simple, we'd easily get bored with it. Love is there to keep us on our toes. It makes things interesting, real and gritty.

Yet I don't think love is necessarily always a good thing either.. it makes us weak, and the need for it, overpowers us.

Love is.. well there is this theory I have (and its not mine.. just jacked from someone else.. I heard it and its always stayed in my head).. "that Heaven must be a place where everyone is happy because nobody loves anybody else, ever".

I think alot of people confuse loneliness, wekaness, or the desire for someone, with love.

Not sure where the hell all that came from.

tyler said...

it would be easier to pinch ourselves, huh?
ha! believe it or not, i have often dreamed about jailing bob in my dorm room, manacle-ing him to my bed and forcing him to service me or maybe forcing him to allow me to service him.....
ssd:(oh yeah i was going to call you george)
theoretically yes, love would be boring if it were easy to attain BUT when you are in the midst of vying for someone's affections/love that theory quickly goes out the window: i.e. "why the fuck doesn't he just give me what i want!!!!"