Sunday, April 13, 2008

running man returns

this vid is really cool: i've always loved the m.c. hammer fueled dance...the running man.

very laid back sunday: lots of study time, made some major bucks yesterday cheffing at a breakfast catering thing and got my cock sucked by one of the party attendees. thank god he took great care in choking my chicken: cock sucking is becoming a lost art but rob took his time, enjoyed his work and on top of that he swallowed my seed so that there was minimum cleanup. thanks rob, you are a true artist!


listened to tons of stuff today while hitting the books, though all of it was on the quiet-storm variety: david sylvain, smokey, seal, joni mitchell (her blue period), rachmaninov...

btw: though not a rabid madonna fan, i think i was the only gay man in all of so/cal that did not see here last year, i'm kinda liking her new song with timbaland and timberlake...


Soul Seared Dreamer said...

I love how frank you are.

Kudos, to Rob, for the art of a good bj.

LOL@ minimal clean-up... Yup thats always preferential.

rickisimus2 said...

Lucky man: there are not very much ppl to do a good bj.

tyler said...

yes, rob should go into business.
¡sí, los buenos mammones son raros, de hecho!

dit said...

Yes, that talent is appreciated, wow, swallowed too. Very nice.

Good luck with the books.