Friday, April 11, 2008


carlos and greg are going on their first offical gay date tonight. as i'm sure you remember, carlos was/is straight with a girlfriend who up to last week only fucked women. then greg came into his life and now he is gay.
psychologically speaking this is impossible i tell carlos
me: carlos, this is impossible
carlos: why? why can't a person change his mind about his sexuality when he finally meets THAT special person who flips him?
me: it makes more sense to me if you told me that you thought that the world was must have had homo feeling prior to meeting greg....
carlos: no i didn't. greg changed my mind about my sexuality by way of his imposing charm and charisma (btw readers i am not making this up, carlos actually said this)
me: carlos, greg is neither charming nor charismatic though he does have a certain geeky attraction. plus he does have nice toes...i'll give you that....
carlos: when have you seen his toes?
me: what diff does that make? btw: what do you intend to tell your gf...who i noticed stayed over last night and unless you were strangling her, seemed to be enjoying you last night....
carlos: i will tell her tonight...
me: tell her exactly what? she's going to be at q's tonight also?
carlos: tell her that i am bi and that greg is the other half of the equation....
me: ok: let's think about this: first of all we know that greg can whip your ass and has done so very recently, right? and from the looks of your gf and the fact that she is built like a ukranian water polo player...she also looks like a formidble foe...the question is: who's ass is she going to whomp on first, yours or gregs? or: will she and greg turn on you......
carlos: i guess this is going to be one of THOSE nights, huh, bro?
me: hmmmm....yes mah brotha...we will probably never be allowed back in q's after tonight.....

bob-o-licious has finally commented on mr talbot. you remember, mr talbot with whom i shared a french kiss on upper state street in front of ihop: the man who was my first grade teacher?
anyway: bob asked me if , after he left, did talbot and i go off and have sex. for once, i didn't blush, high tail it out of there nor act a fool: i merely smiled and slowly walked out of bob's office.

the weather here in sb has been super: mid 80's and the beach has been calling me while i remain in my room studying, studying, studying. but this weekend i have a gig up in pismo beach with a catering company to cook for a family reunion. and said reunion is on the beach at pismo: we can wear what we like and what i like is swim togs, a tee shirt and a pair of flips. hopefully, since i am manning the bbq, i will not set my shirt on fire as i did the last time i worked this gig a few months ago.
i like doing these gigs because the money is great and i don't ask the uncs (uncle michael) for money to live on since he does so much for me already. in fact i'm going to buy him a "bra" for his new porsche because he freaks every time a rock off the road nicks his front end. i always like to do things for the uncs though, if it involves cash, i normally don't have the opportunity.

YAZ featuring the enduring legend alison moyet is coming to los angeles and i will definitely check this big event out as Yaz has not been to la in 25 years or so the ads say. check out yaz on itunes: situation, don't go are two of their greatest songs particularly the remixes.

john adams (our 2nd president for those of you who don't know) is a very great tv mini series currently playing on HBO. adams is probably smiling from heaven as this series puts a face, personality and major intellect on the almost secret presidency and political career of this man. adams was definitely worried about how he would be remembered as he was overshadowed in his time and subsequently by the monumental careers and personas of george washington, ben franklin and thomas jefferson.
one of the things that i really like about this series (directed by tom hooper who also directed helen mirren's prime suspect) is that all of these men, who in our minds are considered almost saints; men who conceived, fought for and won what we now call the USA,are treated as living breathing human beings: warts and all. check it out.
john quincy adams (john's son and the us's 3rd president) to his father: did you care one whit about your children and your wife while you were in europe begging the french and the dutch for money to continue the revolution? did you ever wonder if we were ok and that maybe we needed our father? riveting stuff.

i'm off now to the gun store to buy a bullet proof vest for tonight's st valintine's massacre starring carlos, greg and carlos' gf.
stay tuned.
today's music: Yaz, alison moyet, laura nyro, kenna, heavenly, seal, mary j., heart, chopin etudes, eric satie....


Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Congrats on maintaining your dignity with Bob. I know how hard it is to not act the fool around someone who tickles your fancy.

Well I guess I look forward to seeing the saga of Greg, Carlos & the gf unfold. And yeah, I can't believe Carlos NEVER had ANY homo tendencies before. If true.. its shocking. Coz it would mean there is NO SUCH THING as a straight guy. A far-fetched, but interesting notion, if you ask me.

tyler said...

yes, it is unbelievable that carlos never thought about fucking a dude EVER....before greg appeared like a phosphorescent angel from heaven to steal carlos' heterosexuality...but so be it.
carlos and company were released from jail this morning but the charges, so far, are sticking. i personally think that it is funny in that, what i saw happen that night that the police arrested them for, was not MAYHEM but something closer to a cat fight with greg being the feral cat.