Sunday, April 6, 2008

sunday is the loneliest day of the week.....

for several years now, sunday has been my least favorite day of the week: a day i despise even more than monday.
some people view sunday as another day of weekend fun and therefore plan events such as picnics, public outings, beer busts and general partying. but since i have embarked upon my mission of becoming a a sports psychologist (a clinical psychologist with a specialty in sports...blah blah blah) within 8 years of graduating from high school, my sundays have become ones of study and preparation for the upcoming week. this means no partying, no public outings...i in essence become a monk except for the few hours at the end of the day when i settle down in front of the tv with a glass of something and watch the tudors, the l word, the amazing race...which ever of my favorite shows is on.
which brings me to the licentious, bawdy, sexy, silly, bodice rippin' henry the 8th drama on showtime...the tudors starring the mildly hot jonathan rhys myers as henry8 obviously as a young man not the beer gutted, mammoth, turkey leg devouring henry that we have come to love but a young, virile henry who likes sex, likes to scream "i am the KING" incessantly, loves women and horses not particularly in that order. the drama is also set before henry starts chopping his wives heads off to make way for their successors. the tudors is fun, the production is lavish and the men are pretty hot...there was even a gay dude last season who was in henry's inner circle but alas he seems to be gone this season.
all of the above being said, i have a lunch "date" with bob-o-licious tomorrow. of course he thinks that it is a student/teacher conference though i think otherwise, obviously. i like eating with bob because he eats like a real person. by that i mean he eats anything he wants (and still maintains a slammin' body): burgers, fries, cokes with sugar, bananas, french bread, butter, apple fritters, doughnuts in general, ice cream (not yogurt or that dastardly stuff they sell at pinkberry), cakes, pies, meatloaf, etc., etc. in other words, he is a natural man. bob is just more concerned with more important things than how many carbs he consumes every day. this is one of the many reasons that i love him and also when i order fries when i'm with him he doesn't give me "the eye"...and you all know what i mean by that.
carlos, my room mate has finally confided in me that he thinks that he is gay and that he may be in love with greg with whom he caused a major scene last week at q's. he is so clueless or playing clueless that he has asked me how to "be" gay. i told him: act above it all, pretend you're interested in others real feelings, say sarcastic things, do things usually associated with those men who were called metrosexuals in the 90's. i also said that it wouldn't hurt to love madonna, kylie, tina and rem. this i said would give him a good start in places like the abbey in west hollywood (weho).
getting back to sunday tv, on bbc america tonight one of my favorite actors,who happens to be a brit, robson green returns in a mini series, "wire in the blood." but right now, an hour before it starts there is a bbc doc called "my big breasts and me." one of the subjects of the doc wears a 40G bra...this in a nutshell is why i love the english.
music-wise today it was classical day: prokoviev, rachmaninov, joan sutherland, joan baez and the clash......


Tim in Italy said...

I know exactly what you're talking about, though my Sundays are the reverse of yours. I get up late and wander down to La Rocca, a restaurant owned by my friend Chano and his lady. I have a cap and toast, or maybe a sandwich, then Chano comes out from the kitchen, brings me a glass of wine and we chat for a while. Then I pack up and head to the office. I usually pick up some DVD's on Saturday and Sunday night is spent in front of the TV. This Sunday was suppose to spent watching The Great Escape, but when I opened the package what I had was Robert Altman's Fool for Love. A departure from the POW drama I was anticipating, to be sure. But I tend to believe that things happen for a reason, in this case, I'm suppose to have this film, though I'm not sure why at this point.

And so, life goes on...

tyler said...

mondays are also a bitch....but today is fine so far...but it's only 749am....more later...
i have to head off for the gym....i'm late...

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

I think Henry Cavill is hotter and sexier than Jonathan Rhys Myers.

Yes there is something addictively sensual and sexual about it all.. hmmm I wonder what.

I know the feeling of the Sunday studies, having just (2 months ago) put that all behind me.. trust me though.. its all worth it.. especially when the end is nigh... dare I ask how long you've got left?

tyler said...

ssd: are so right....henry cavill is a stone cold fox! yowza!
studies: i have 2 years left for the phd and that means almost year 'round classes.
in what did you degree?

tyler said...

fool for love: a potent sexual combo of blonde bombshell kim basinger and long and lanky sam shepard...based on shepard's play no less: worth seeing, no doubt!

dit said...

Love the Tudors. Also love that you are having lunch with Bob now. Anymore naked sightings?

tyler said...

hey ditty:
we did eat lunch yes, but was it a lunch date?
we didn't kiss, hug, hold hands or pee together in the same toilet bowl=student/prof conference.

dit said...

awe, love from a distance is often a close second. You know what they say about straight/gay. The only difference is a 6 pack of beer. Or is that a Fratboy and a gay? lol

eFeNDi said...

i hate sundays, too. and btw, should almost all cute boys have to be gay? :p

tyler said...