Friday, April 18, 2008

random thoughts on a friday night before i go out to the only semi-gay bar in sb...

so here i am, dressed in a pair of polo madras shorts circa 1975 that my uncle gave me, a black lacoste shirt with the collar NOT lifted and a pair of black lucchese western boots waiting for carlos and greg to get ready. now remember carlos and greg are currently on bail for trying to kill each other a week ago and "causing a general (as opposed to a specific...whatever both of those terms mean in this context)state of mayhem" at q's nightclub and pool hall: as the citation reads.
carlos ex/current gf has flown the coop supposedly to eureka california the nothern most place in california and still be in california.she is a fugitive as in bonnie w/o clyde.

bob-0-licious: we had our weekly mentor/student conference this week but instead of lunch we had dinner (as in we ate in a restaurant after 5 pm in the evening...a restaurant that caters to mostly adults with a certain level of sophistication and an upscale menu with a wine list and a sommelier)and a bottle (or 2 of wine) and neither of us were scooped up by God and flung into hell. though i didn't question the invitation or more to the point the change in the time and locale of the invitation but i'm thinking that it has everything to do with talbot my first grade teach and bob's thinking that talbot and i may have had sex...which we didn't and won't. unfortunately neither will bob and i at least until i get my phd or when i slip bob a mickey.

the big plan this summer is to once again teach and attend classes at nyc's columbia uni for approx. 3 months beginning in june. all of you dudes that i met last summer (and got along with...the others please don't)please get in touch.

american idol: i love this show and this season my just be the best one ever. i just wish that dread locked boy (jason) and daughtry-clone (something-cook) should be booted asap but somehow they are still hanging on. i think that 16 year old david is a doll and is almost great singer. on top of all of this, mariah carey's appearance this week was too funny/real/mariah-ish to be believed.

speaking of tv programs: am i the only one who watches the brit series, "coupling" on bbc america? i know it is several years old but all of the characters are so well written and acted that it is pretty well neigh too good to resist. any series that does a program solely based on sausages and bmw's is ok in my book.

chocolate: trader joe's has THE best chocolate bars (and i mean big ass one pound bars) imported from belgium that are unbelievably luscious as well as incredibly delicious. $2.99??????? how do they make money on this stuff?

ok: carlos and greg have finished fucking and are now ready to leave for q's. carlos is wearing 501's, a black pascucci's tee (a local sb restaurant)and a pair of beat up work boots: untied and w/o socks. greg is wearing "those" shorts: you know the kind in army drag material with pockets at the knees, a tight white cashmere sweater and a pair of ecco lace up demi boots. so it is time to go...more later.
music today: elliott yamin's cd: love this guy...a former american idol reject, mary j, mariah carey, madonna's new one, mylene farmer, zazie, chimene, caetano veloso, kaskade....


Soul Seared Dreamer said...

That was a very mish-mash, all over the place post.

Damn I rate you for resisting the urge to jump on Bobo (that doesn't sound very flattering.. doesn't it?)

Don't knock the price of chocolate.. what you think you'd be happy if they charged like $20 for a bar?

And oh yeah.. get your ass back over to my blog and write that comment again.. uncensored this time.

tyler said...

mish mash: hence the blog title, babe.
bob:there is an almost year history there...and i have no idea if he is gay. he is my phd mentor so there is a WALL there: a wall that cannot be scaled...yet.

dit said...

I love BBC! I do watch coupling, but also enjoy Catherine Tate.

Love Trader Joes and the chocolate.