Monday, April 14, 2008

i'm in lust with eric case....

as you all may have noticed, everytime you open your blogspot dashboard the angelic, toothsome , sexy face of one eric case, soon to leave, appears: like an internet michael the arch angel, ready to steal your heart and inflame your loins.

i realize that i write quite a few blogs on the nature of lust, love and sexy men...but so be it. unfortunately i can't see an end of this in sight: i'm doomed to a life of loving and lusting after men i think are hot. and mr. eric case is one and my newest.

i know nothing of eric ( i can call him by his given name now in that i have now declared myself to you and to him if he is reading...which i doubt) except that he lives in san francisco (ahem, ahem) which doesn't mean that he is automatically gay or that he is gay at all. but gay or not...what brought me to eric's charms are his pearly whites and the way he exposes them in his big guy, i like everyone and everyone likes me, grin as exemplified in the photo above.

eric is the type of guy who would play catch with your little brother, knit with your mother, talk baseball with your father and do shots of anejo tequila with you.

reading the story surrounding the photo above you realize that eric likes to eat greasy hamburgers, drink beer and wear fashionable but ugly sunglasses.

i'm sure my fascination with eric will fade as quickly as it came to me especially when the police come and arrest me for stalking him. (alas, i wish i had time to stalk anyone except bob but at least with bob, i can actually converse, have coffee and buy him gifts)

eric: call me.



(100's of you have asked {ok, only one} about the carlos, greg debacle: everything is status quo: by that i mean the mayhem charges still stand, carlos and compnay are scared shitless and carlos and greg are back in school. carlos' gf is looking into entering a convent.)

music today: the B52's, mary j., janet, mariah (yes, i know), madonna's new one (yes, i know2), sting, the police, zazie, mylene farmer...


dit said...

He is adorable. I'd do him. lol

Do you know anything of Brian from UCSB who won 160k last night on Deal or No Deal?

tyler said...

yes, eric case is my new crush.
as for brian: i have seen brian around and he is a regular guy though he does not seek help from bob or any of the other clinical/sports psychologists. i think he is a gymnast and i do see him around the gym.
if you are asking if he is gay....i haven't seen him at q's so he probably isn't though he sems awfully close to his mother....
the school was all abuzz about his winnings today. i even saw a little of the show but changed it back to dancing with the

dit said...

He is very cute, I can see why.

Brian is cute too. Doubt he is gay, but you could see his package a swingin on tv. lol

Maybe he will buy you a taco?

tyler said...

buy me a taco? you mean eric or brian? ha!

dit said...

either. lol

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

fashionable but ugly sunglasses

Its been two minnutes.. and I still can't stop laughin. Nicely put.

Not feeling your Case crush.

tyler said...

ssd: (i am going to start calling you george)
eric case possesses many of the physical characteristics that i find incredibly hot:
1. he has a big huge head
2. he's tall
3. he's got a beautiful smile
4. he's got beautiful teeth
5. his ears are cute....
i mean, what else would a dude want?

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

George? WTF!

Each to our own bruv. I admit that he's cute.