Sunday, June 1, 2008

off to new york city

i am sitting in the san francisco airport as i type this waiting for my flight to new york city.
last night the bros took me out for a final fling (not really final but a hiatus for 3 months) at q's and we proceeded to take over this str8 bastion of male and female pulchritude...par for the course. carlos and greg behaved. there were no arrests and we all got majorly fucked up. i was supposed to leave santa barbara last night late but of course i never made it to the airport so i left for sf this am.
though it sounds like i am going to nyc on a lark it is just the reverse: classes at columbia and an important internship with a clinical psychologist for 3 months. this time that i am going to spend in new york will be very important to me career-wise though of course i yearn to see damian again. you remember damian from last year: approached me at the end of the night at a soho bar asked me to go home with him (previous to thin we had spoken one word nor even exchanged glances), we proceeded to have the best sex that i had ever had in my life and then in the am he made me breakfast and sent me on my way. i think we exchanged about 10 words in 12 hours. it makes me weak in the knees (as my aunt says) to even think about him. i often think to myself: did this even happen? but oh yes it did.
so: on to nyc for 3 months. wish me luck.
traveling music: music of my mind (stevie), nested (laura nyro), mary j blige, heavenly, coldplay,kaskade, alison moyet...


dit said...

Have an amazing time. I love New York City. So many possibilities.

savante said...

Can I be cliched and sing New York New York?

W said...

Good luck with your internship mr. Reminds me of when i began my clin psych training. I hand in my thesis in 2 weeks which more or less brings to an end 9 years of study and training. Its been a bit of a slog, but i wouldnt have changed it for the world and part of me envies that your just getting started. I will certainly miss all the study days when i start as a neuropsychologist full time in september!

The most improtant thing is not to work too hard :) have an awesome time

tyler said...

savante and w: what's up? i haven't heard from either of you in months! hopefully you are both back for good.
savante: i will sing ny ny when i leave in september but of course you can belt it out anytime you like. send me a cd of it if you like.
w: i have 2 more years to go and i am on course, on schedule for the degree. classes and the internship this summer will be hard and long but partying will be my number 3 priority which usually means going to class w/o the benefit of sleep once in a while.
congrats on your degree.

W said...

the thesis has sort of taken over my life for the moment and i have just come back from a holiday round the Greek islands (totally awesome).

Congrats are a little premature, still need to get this thing done. Then of course there is the viva in September..... after that you can say congrats and i can put 'Dr' on my credit card. How brilliant will that be! Extra credit!

Soul Seared Dreamer said...


NY NY NY NY.. fab.

If I ever get around to picking my ass off the floor and booking a ticket to NY.. I'll hook you up.

But forget that for now.. best of luck for NY... I'm sure the 3 months will fly by.

Make the most of it :o)

Georgie Porgie x

And here's to hoping Damian finds you again. Although sounds like wishful thinking.

tyler said...

for just a moment there i thought that you were buying into a dream but alas..."sounds like wishful thinking" burst my bubble.

jay said...

Wow, lol. Hopefully you will run into him again indeed. Quite the story.

tyler said...

i am so busy now with work and study i haven't made it to many clubs yet.
it's a pipe dream i realize: damian is a once in a lifetime thing.
oh well.
beside: bob-o-licious from santa barbara is coming here for a couple of months! i may be pregnant by summer's end....