Monday, June 30, 2008

random thoughts and semi-fun

this is a fun game/amusement when you have nothing else to do or you are alone or with friends, stoned, drunk or ravenously bored.
click onto itunes, click shuffle and then forward to answer each question posed below:
What does next year have in store for me? “Free time”…kenna
What’s my love life like? “The same deep water as you”…the cure
What do I say when life gets hard? “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree”…Brenda lee
What do I think of on waking up? “not like crazy”…jill scott
What song will I dance to at my wedding? “tomorrow is a long time”…judy collins
What do I want as a career? “the night I fell in love”…luther vandross
My favorite saying? “like you’ll never see me again”…Alicia keys
Favorite place? “the confession”…laura nyro
What do I think of my parents? “sweet love”…kaskade
What’s my porn star name? “evil”…stevie wonder
Where would I go on a first date? “bullet proof soul”…sade
Drug of choice? “hain’t it funny”…k.d. lang
The thing I like doing most? “she sells sanctuary”…the cult
What is my state of mind like at the moment? “if I never see your face again”…maroon5/rihanna
How will I die? “overpowered”…roisin murphy

ok, it's only mildy humorous but i'm jazzed that my absoulte favorite song of this week came up: "if i never see your face again" by rihanna and maroon5. now, of course i know rihanna being the r&B fanatic that i am but i was bowled over by maroon5, who of course i had heard of because the lead singer is definitely suckable...but i first heard/saw this song performed on some mtv performance show and had to itune it.

bob has been gone for a few days now visiting family i think in maine. for all i know he may be visiting a woman...having monkey sex. but one of the things that bob isn't is a liar, he's so honest and straightforward that i know he is doing just what he said he would be doing and that is vising family and friends. and you know what? i miss him. i fucking miss his honest sweet ass and smile and the way he eats with his fork wrapped in his big hands like an axe protecting his food as if i were going to take it away from him. i hate myself for loving him or i hate him for loving him...i don't know which. and i don't know when i will know which.

school and interning is top drawer: crazy, topsy-turvy...i am always tired yet always horny: jerking off in public bathrooms, stairways...even rubbing myself on the elevator with others around. i have become a sex maniac through hard work and lack of deep sleep...through the honest endeavors of attaining a phd. this is my life now in nyc and i love it.

music: (of course) "if i never see your face again" (m5 and rihanna), "the first time ever i saw your face"(roberta flack),"smile" (laura nyro), "nested" (laura nyro),maxwell (whatever happened to him?...not the name of a song but a real question), "i try" (angela bofill) "angel" (aretha)...


Happy said...

ok, love your blog, you're going on my regular's sweet cheeks! :) I suspect we'll be chatting more, but for now all the best!

Btw, this laura nyro, worth while getting into? I mean, the rest of your selection is quality guaranteed.


tyler said...

so is your name really happy or is that a description of your general frame of mind which might be ironic because i have read several of your posts,heh?
laura nyro: read my post on her on this page. she is a genius: soulful, personal...i've been a fan since before i was born, but will you like her? i don't know. i'd start with "nested" and work backwards.

tyler said...

ooops i just noticed that you signed your commnet above: chris.

Ken said...

Ha, I'm still gonna keep up with you. Like we both know, love is tough. Call me sometime.

The music was great; made me laugh.


Happy said...

Generally speaking I'm happy and I try to keep a positive frame of mind, but I love bitching. :D


ta! Chris

tyler said...

you must have writing this while i was commenting on your blog: very coolio!
so now i understand the happy thing which is a good thing to be and a harder thing to attain and keep, huh?
i must go to class now as i am already late....

dit said...

Nice music choices Tyler. I am sure many are enjoying your "rubbing myself on the elevator" lol. Keep it up. lol

tyler said...

ha!keep it up, huh?
hey i'm just trying to relieve some on the pressure on me right now...certainly this can't be agin' the law....

Jim said...

Ok, I am totally stealing this and am embarrassed that somehow "jingle Bells" by singing cats has come up as one of my answers.

tyler said...

but to what question?