Saturday, June 21, 2008

saturday 6/21

bob and i and a couple of school friends, pascal and regine (yes they are french and smoke like chimneys and think it absolutely communistic that they cannot smoke anywhere they like in nyc. when i told them that they cannot smoke outside in most southern california restaurants they turned green like the incredible hulk and both shouted: "and this is the land of the free!!!!!????" i replied yes it is the land of the free you just can't smoke here and give infants and adults tb or lung cancer)
but they both are extremely cool and more importantly they "get" me. and people that get me are few and far between if you know what i mean, heh?
so we are going to balthzar (i know, i know...kind of passe' but the food is good) and then on to THE club. dare i mention it again? the damian (i know i have called him both damon and damian herein but his name is damian) club: the name of which escapes me and nobody i am going with know a thing about him or...
i am lending bob stuff to wear as he thinks he can wear his faded chinos and 90's era flannel shirts anywhere. i will make him look hot but not HOT. (oh shit it wouldn't make any diff he would look HOT in his chinos, etc.)
more tomorrow on this. i am twitching with anticipation.
music: nested (laura nyro), kaskade, minus the bear, rolling stones, jonas kaufmann, la boheme (freni, pavarotti)...

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dit said...

Sounds as if you are having fun. I adore French people.

Take care and enjoy!