Wednesday, June 18, 2008

day 3

well, it actually has been fun having bob-o-licious here and only partly for the following reasons:
1. i once again saw his slammin' body naked: he changed his clothes in my dorm room so he had no place to hide it....and he doesn't wear
2. he made me dinner last night and though i was tempted to help him, as he doesn't do this very often, i didn't. it was fun and fueled by a couple of bottles of good cabernet, we had a very deep and revealing convo.
3. we kissed.......a lot. and yes it was as good as i knew it would be.
4. no, we didn't have sex but we were jammed up against each other so tightly that we may as well have had it.
so, today i am ditching most of my classes and we're going to spend the day together doing all the touristy things that people do here in nyc.
this i my question though: he is planning on being here through august, will we return to california and get married after that time or will we not be speaking? (which is going to be awkward as he is my phd dissertation dude and my academic mentor)
but i will think positive here and that we will remain friends no matter what happens or doesn't. in my experience continual close contact breeds not only contempt but boredom. (and yes i know that boredom is just another form of well on to becoming a clinical psychologist, remember?)
bob and i are getting along very well and he is about as sweet as a slice of pecan pie (have i used that phrase already?): what else can i ask?
btw: i almost shit a brick last sunday at a club in soho: i thought (underline thought)i saw damian. but no it wasn't him. damn.
music-wise: lots of kenna, seal (despite heidi klum getting a tatoo), laura nyro, eric satie, the doors, stevie, marvin gaye.....


dit said...

OMFG! Did I read you correctly? You and Bob-o-licious KISSED? Who hoo!

W said...

hmmmm. Sorry mr, but i hope this is bullshit because if not your heading towards disaster for all the reasons mentioned, plus, this is grossly unprofessional on both your parts and will lead to disciplinary action if found out.

Being in a position of authority and being a clinical psychologist to boot, he should know better. This suggests the guy is a bit of a slime ball. How good a psychologist can he really be??????

As for you,it suggest a real lack of maturity and personal insight. (somewhat essential for this profession dont you think?)

I know psychologists are by definition, a bit fucked up, but this is a whole bag full of issues that need tackling. You are having therapy i take it?

dit said...

Understand you are busy with life, however . . . . side bar , - I am tagging you. lol. If you have not already been tagged. that is. Hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

To W

From reading your blog before you removed it ... you sounded pretty much all of the above you drone on about.....

Leave the guy alone and let him experience life !!

As you said "psychologists are by definition, a bit fucked up" and sweetheart your the best example !

Christian said...

Interesting.... can't wait to see what happens next. Gosh this is better than Desperate Housewives. (j/k).

tyler said...

so do you mean the situation between bob and i or the one between W and anon? (who i wish would have identified himself)
thanks for the comments.

W said...

wow - you have guard bitches. Impressive.

Anyway, i wasnt having a go, just was hoping some sort of alarm bells might be ringing

tyler, seems perfectly cappable of standing up for himself, I was just suggesting that this is seriously dangerous waters given your career aims.

I'm wondering what it is about power relations for you?

and as for mr anonymous - your quite a prickly one arent you? most likely a highly neurotic faggot who fantasises abot tyler, but can only claim sort of validation from his infatuation, through acting as his guard bitch. I would deffinately recommend some psychotherapy to help you with what is clearly a mountain of 'issues' (5 times a week psychoanalysis) - meow

am sure tyler did take offence, as he seems a bit more chilled and reflective (good osychologist)

pps - handed in the thesis yesterday at longe and have been partying since. suffice to say i'm a mess right now but a very happy mess


tyler said...

it was actually fun reading your last post in that you were, as you stated, "a mess": meaning that your mispelled words, and funky syntax painted a different less broom-up-the-arse side of that i have not yet seen.
you deserve to party a lot what with your thesis now in the hands of the thesis gods: so enjoy.
as for anon: that is between you two. in both the cosmic and personal sense, i appreciate his going to bat for me immensely as that generally does not happen either here or in real life. people tend to shy away from getting involved...period.

Anonymous said...

Intersting analogy "a highly neurotic faggot who fantasises abot tyler, but can only claim sort of validation from his infatuation" - I really think its someone else that needs to be considering therapy - thats a lot of issues there your projecting !!!

I hope your Thesis displays a greater degree of insight than your mad ramblings on line.... I suggest you keep taking the pills.

Tyler, Your welcome ... I only stumbled across your blog with a friend ( a regular reader of yours)and felt compelled to act as Guard Bitch" someone has to keep these high minded psuedo intellectuals in check,

Oh, and its Jacob, London.

tyler said...

thanks for stumbling.

W said...

Ok, OK, i'll stop being so high minded. Fuck your teacher, fuck your tutor, fuck your patients. I mean if their hot, why the fuck not! ITS HOT, its part of you life experience ;)

Anonymous said...

You kissed your dissertation advisor!!! That's like kissing your boss. Not right. If you're really into this guy, he needs to bow out as your advisor. Otherwise, he’s bring on some serious sexual harassment fodder. Not very professional.

I've been around academics enough to know whacky things happen – torrid affairs, nasty divorces, faculty/student relationships - it's all good, but not grad advisor/student. That’s a no, no. If it goes any further than kissing, you both really need to re-work you professional relationship. Pick another grad advisor. Faculty/student relationships are fine. ~Mike from NJ

tyler said...

anon (mike from nj)
thanks for your even-minded comments.