Saturday, June 14, 2008

guess who's coming to lunch/dinner and breakfast?

well, so it goes like this:
i pick up my cell and say hello but i already know its bob-o-licious by the theme song i programmed to ring when he does call...which is almost never.
ok, so he says stuff like: how are you doing, how are you classes, how's the internship? is alice a better mentor than am i? have you met any guys? ok so now we are in the social banter area that i like: the nitty gritty. of course i analyze/digest this question as if bob is asking me to marry him. funny how we make these kinds of jumps with little to go on, huh? anyway before i answer him i have to think quickly: do i tell him about the dude i met last night and fucked? does the dude i met last night count? nah---. should i mention the psycho dude in the next dorm room who once he found out that i was gay...began to lasiviously leer at me while scratching at his smelly crotch (this guy never washes his 501's, wears no underwear (which i like actually)and therefore drips pee, semen and god only knows what else on said 501's. the crusher here is that george (that's his name) has just finished his phd including his dissertation AND got a prime position at harvard at their teaching go figure. anyway george is smelly but he gives me a boner nonetheless everytime i see him: maybe he did as well to his dissertation committee.
so how did i get here? oh yeah: bob.
anyway, bob is coming to nyc for vacation until just about the time that i leave for santa barbara. i'm thinking there is something brewing here in his mind that definitely involves me particularly when he says that he is going to e-mail me an itinerary and that i am included in his actvities everyday.
i don't want to break his heart (well, yes i do but in a good way as in the l word and i don't mean lesbian) but my time is likewise mapped out and it includes very litle time for fun, fucking or even eating but you all know for bob...things can change.
bob is arriving on monday 6/16: i'm scared shitless. scared that i have misread this whole trip and scared shitless that i haven't. help.
music: the new madonna eternally from the gay bois next door. i hate this cd now.
nested (laura nyro), mary j., music of my mind (stevie), jonas kaufmann, heavenly, the new hot chip which i am beginning to dislike immensely, santana's early stuff, chris cornell who is so sizzling hot that it makes no difference what he sings as i could and have jerked off to his photo fully clothed (him not me)....


Ken H said...

I think I hear Carrie Bradshaw reading this post aloud. Very Sex and the City. Why is it that I always meet hot, interesting men just before they leave for months at a time?!

tyler said...

hey kenny:
thanks for commenting: sex and the city huh? yeah i guess i do see similarities between mr big and my bob except my bob is a clinical psychologist, my mentor and my phd dude and he is as sweet as a piece of pecan pie...and of course i have no idea if he is gay or not. i guess a minor problem, huh?
blog-wise: i would think, if you were so inclined, that you could learn as much about me as you would ever want to know if you read some posts. but that is up to you. i try to hold nothing back herein.
i miss sb but i will back soon and nyc is slammin's hot. oh yeah and there is the bob-o-licious thing happening.

jay said...

Well you'de definitely mad more action (past and maybe upcoming) in a few weeks than i've had in 6 months.

Although based on the past week for me, that's about to change for me. It's been a crazy week of guys hitting on me.

tyler said...

funny i feel like i never get laid.
but yes, bob is probably too much to wish for. knowing him he probably really will only want to go to museums and zoos.....

ken said...

I've no doubt learned a thing or two about you from your posts...but that's no substitute for the nervous excitement associated with meeting a new friend in the flesh, learning their idiosyncrasies, and maybe developing a relationship. Ha, not to assume we'd progress through that whole drama, but the flesh part at least might have been fun. :P

I'll keep reading in the mean time, but I look forward to a non-electronic communication when you get back to SB.

tyler said...

but i find it even more revealing (and yes it is probably the psychology thing embedded in me)to read someone's unguarded personal thoughts via their writings.
the physical sometimes gets in the way of getting down deep into someone and investigating what makes them tick.
too bad you don't have a blog: one in which you can vomit out all your personal demons and angels.

dit said...

Bob-O-Licious and amazing, anything can happen place like NYC? Oh Baby!