Monday, June 16, 2008

he's here.........

8:00 am edt: (gulp)...more later.
7:52 pm update: bob attended my child psych seminar today and blew away the professor but now the prof hates me and wants him.
bob went back to his hotel to shower before we head out for dinner. (he can't stay with me because i have a roomie and because there is no room: he'd have to sleep on top of me as i sleep on a twin bed...)
more later.

958 am, 6/17/08 update: dinner was fun. no physical contact except for a hand shake. i have two very long seminars today so bob is going to take a tour of nyc and we will meet for drinks later. i slept (alone of course)the entire night with a boner.


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dit said...

See, maybe Bob on top of you could have been perfect. lol