Thursday, June 5, 2008

i'm here, i'm tired, i'm dedicated

i've been in nyc since monday, the day my classes and internship began. my room mate is cool as far as i can tell as he and i spend very little time in our room except to sleep (he snores btw). his name is jamie. he's from ft. wayne, indiana. that's about all i know about him.
classes are a fuckin' bear: intense, impossible, thrilling. this is the BIG TIME now.
my internship is with a no-nonsense woman and it is a relief in a way not to be interning with a in bob-o-licious in santa barbara. i'm going to call her alice though that of course is not her name. she is 50'ish, wears small round glasses over which she looks at me as if i were from mars: which makes sense i guess in that she is from staten island new york, married to a lawyer, has 4 kids and i am who i am. i don't feel prejudiced against just held to a higher level to which i must always aspire. in other words, she expects alot and i feel honor bound to work to achieve that.
boys: man o man...i had forgetten from last year how amazing the men are here. YOWZA!
i haven't met anyone yet but the weekend is coming up and my friend Mario is coming up from connecticut to spend it with me: which means PARTY!
music: muzak in the elevators at school and the new madonna cd that i hear seemingly all night from my dorm neighbors.


dit said...

Congratulations on all you are doing. Hang in there. Learn and soak in all you can.

God, I love NYC. And words can not describe how sexy NYC guys can be. Have fun and be safe.

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

"Party" sounds good.

Alice? Alice? Alice? Alice? And was not someone all blah blah blah to me about NOT using real names.. Grrrrrr :o)

I think she'll be good for your internship too - hopefully she'll have you wokring as hard as you can :o)

And hopefully the boys can have you as hard as you can be too :o)

As Dit says Have fun and be safe.

tyler said...

thanks for being so positive, babe. i really appreciate it.
this woman is a professional and is my mentor for the summer: fake names are in order. so....
i hope you and english are fucking big time.......get pregnant and settle down.

jay said...

Welcome to NYC! I've been here 6 months and am still blown away by how hot the guys are here!

tyler said...

there's just so MANY of them particularly for a guy from a small beach town like me. of course i knew this having been here last summer also.