Wednesday, July 2, 2008


whereas i was in tip top shape during the regular school year as is expected of one, as in me, who plans to become a sports psychologist. right now, as in this morning i hit the road (as in running)and the gym after a month or so of not doing so.
i looked at myself naked in the mirror this am and genuinely felt that i looked pretty good but i didn't feel up to par so it was back to my training schedule.
and for those of you that have never run down a nyc street at 6 in the morning or at any other is an experience not to be believed.
my university is way up broadway and i wanted to run to times square and back. times square is at 44th street and broadway. in the 160 blocks to and fro the following happened:
1. i was ass pinched and slapped
2. i was called a fuckin' fag
2a. i was also called a meat head and a fuckin' man ho (?!)
3. i was slapped across the face by a street person
4. i was groped in the groinal area by a street unknown
5. a preppy school fuck tried to trip me
6. a group of mid-town women stuck their collective tongues out at me
7. i stopped in the upper west side for a bagel and smoked salmon but once i got my order i realized that i had not brought any money and was questioned by the police who threatened to take me in for vagrancy
8. seemingly safe back on campus, i tripped and landed on my ass and now have a huge bruise on my upper thigh....
i can't wait to see what tomorrows run will bring: yeehaaawwww...i feel so alive!
the rest of the workout was tough, very tough though a week from now i will be fine.

mr. bob called me this afternoon to let me know that he wants to stay another few days and asked me if i minded (which means i will be w/o him for the 4th: fuck!):
me: yes i do but i want you to have lots of time with your family so that they can leave their beautiful house to you (he sent me pics) and after we are married i will have you murdered...then i will inherit the house....
bob: you are incorrigible
me: i didn't think anyone used that word anymore
bob: i do
me: yes you do
bob: do you miss me?
me: yes i do
(bob's mom in the background): bob hurry or we'll miss the flower show
me: she's kidding, right?
bob: no she isn't. she's dead serious and i am going to drive her there
me: you're a dutiful son
bob: i didn't think anyone used that word anymore...
me: i do
bob: yes you do

you gotta love a man who loves his moms, huh?

my top 10 most played itunes songs (be aware that i only use my ipod when i run):
10. situation (richard x remix) yaz
9. sun red sky blue kenna
8. let me know roisin murphy
7. get the balance right depeche mode
6. don't look back telepopmusik
5. daylight kenna
4. let me know (joey negro remix) roisin murphy
3. don't you love me (ronan's disco vocal) andy caldwell
2. steppin' out kaskade
1. amazing (bill hamel remix) seal


Anonymous said...

That's more then has happened to me in 3 years.
Vagrancy? Tough place. See any doables on the run?

tyler said...

ha! the weird thing is that the next day: nada, nyet, niente!
i guess my high expectations for strange nyc experience was bound to be deflated, huh? i guess a body and psyche can only take so much.
doables? this town is mostly doables...and on campus: mama mia!
god give me strength, as moms used to say.