Sunday, February 8, 2009

"mary, can you hear me?"

this is my first blog in a while and in the time between january first and today my life has been frantic with school, friends, working (yes i do actually pick up a few chef gigs now and then)and loving. my love life is going well: a few bumps but overall we are doing fine.
the uncs had some health problems and i had to rush back and forth from santa barbara to los angeles to care for him. as i have said a number of times: he is/has been/ will always be number one in my life. in fact, i owe my life to him.
i haven't spoken much of my studies but day by day, month by month, year by year...IT all becomes clearer and clearer to me: this is what i was meant to do with my life. i have always had a 6th sense about other people's feelings and thoughts. i was always the person my friends and family came to for advice. my course study is back bending, my resolve to not make it get to me resolute and fierce. i want this. i will get this.
the interning portion of my studies is mind blowing. i get to see first hand how my studies can turn into real help to others. does that make sense? am i being as eloquent as i want to be about a profession that i have spent my whole life striving for?
i hope so because it has been not only a life long dream but a life long goal: this is IT. this is what i want to do with the rest of my life.
music-wise, i have discovered, along with thousands of others on youtube, matthew luke sandoval who i am showcasing here. love this guy. he's got over 50 vids on youtube ranging from the classics to his own compositions. listen to him.


Tim in Italy said...

I wondered where you'd been. Thought my Google Reader was broken for a while, but Willy kept popping up from time to time, so then I thought it had a virus. But here you are, looking good as always.

I sincerely hope your uncle is on the mend and doing well, and I'm happy to hear you and Bob are also okay.

So write and a while.

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Yup it really has been ages. Though for me to tell people to blog more.. would he asking people to yell at me. LOL

I'm glad to hear that things are looking up. This def is IT so I agree - do what your meant to do - and be happy doing it.

Sry to hear about the Unc. Hope things are better

George x

tyler said...

unless i was dreaming or in an altered state, i swear i have responded to your blog now and again in the last 2 months...but maybe not.
i hope you are doing well.
yes, do not even say that i should blog more, heh?
glad to see that you are also alive and kickin' and hopefully getting over him.
stay strong.

Jérem' said...

OMG!!! He's back! Lol! It's good to read you again. ;)

tyler said...

it's good to be read by you, cherie.

Rick said...

Thanks for sharing more of Matthew. It was you that turned me onto him. He's really good, and cute. : )

tyler said...

hey rick:
so why hasn't he gotten a record contract?
mysterious, heh? especially with so much shit out there, innit?