Thursday, October 16, 2008

babies and other strange beings.....

to those of you who read this blog it should come as no surprise that i want to raise children. children that would be fathered by me or bob or ideally both of us.
you hire a surrogate mother, she is impregnated with my and bob's sperm and voila 9 months later: a bouncing baby girl or boy.
lately, though i know it doesn't make sense at this time, i have been thinking almost of nothing else. consequently bob has been hearing almost nothing else.
in the past he sweetly demurred because he is the type of guy who does that sort of thing...sweetly demur that is. he'd smile, pull me towards him and proceed to try to impregnate me himself. romantic, heh?
i guess what i am looking for from him is : yes, i too want to raise a child with you. there i said it: THAT is what i want to hear coming out of sweet fat juicy lips.
so far, nothing of the sort has happened. it's all about me ranting and he sweetly demurring. it drives me up a wall frankly.
other than that, things are going very well between my bobs and me.
hmmm: maybe he wants me to marry him first, heh?

remember the vampires from my summer in nyc? well the lead one,thorn (i swear that is his name) the one i almost fucked in central park on july 4th. e-mailed me and asked if he could come and visit.
of course i had to demur (ok, i'll will try to stop using this word soon) and explained to him about bob. one thing about vampires: they take rejection very easily. all he said was: ok, man cya next summer. btw: this group (coven) of vampires is very very cool and laid back. and they are all gay and english majors. i did ask thorn if he had seen true blood and all he said was: huh?
i guess they don't watch tv.
speaking of vampires: has anyone seen TRUE BLOOD on hbo? this show is very well written, well acted and the vampires, both men and women are hot as hell.
set in a small southern town (where else?)true blood proposes a world in which vampires have been turned into almost solid citizens what with the invention of synthetic blood available everywhere as "true blood."
the vampires still hold onto their thirst for human blood but most make do with true blood and attempt to lead so-called normal lives.
in the photo: bill (vampire) and sookie (not a vampire)

on other fronts: my dodgers got their expensive asses trounced by the philadelphia phillies. oh well: there is always next year.

sports-wise, i do lacrosse, soccer, surf and play the occasional baseball pick up game but bob has no sport to call his own. he is a runner and a lifter and has finally found a sport (if you can call it that) and that is golf.

bob has decided that we should both learn to play golf mostly i think because he got the bug in seattle as, while me and his moms were off doing our thing, he played golf.
now, i like golf togs: the madras shorts, the white buck golf shoes, the polo shirts but actually play it...i dunno.
but i will be a good sport and take lessons with him. more to the point it will mean that we can spend more time together and that is a good thing.
i can't wait until my after christmas vaca to europe with bob this year. those of you in europe: look out!


Tim in Italy said...

Hmmm... you're nothing if not strong willed. My friends in the know tell me that the PhD program in Psychology at SB is one of the most rigorous in the the country and that if you are doing sports psychology, double that. So, I'm sure you'll get children, but I can see the wisdom in waiting just a bit. You and Bob have been together as a couple for how long? 5 months? Get a dog first.

I've managed to get True Blood over here on two occasions and really enjoyed it. Hopefully, I can catch up over Christmas vacation. Are you familiar with "Kindred: The Embraced"? It's more elegant, but similar in some respects.

Coming to Europe after Christmas, are we? Well, you know where I hang out.

tyler said...

i will have children with or without bob: you can count on this.
of course, bob would be my choice to co-parent them but who knows how this whole relationship will work itself out.
i have heard of the kindred but not see it. do the vampires live as so-called normal citizens?
alan ball is producing true blood. ball also wrote and produced 6 feet under which is one of th all time great tv series.

Tim in Italy said...

Yes, the vampires in The Kindred do live like normal citizens. It is vampire law and is called "The Masquerade". To make another vampire, one must have the Prince's permission. This called "The Embrace". As I said, elegant.

Anonymous said...

You could adopt me lol! OK, scary, I know.

Anywho, Dodger. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. That sums that up. I was celebrating LA tying the series at 2 and then Philly scored 4 in top of the 8th and well, to cut to the chase, I'm not over it yet. FUCK.

I know nothing of Vampires. Are they cute?

Golf....communing with nature is good. It takes big chunks of time to play, but I found it worthwhile until I started throwing clubs in frustration and now I play like once a year. But I hit it hard when i took it up. bought more clubs then you can imagine and can't hit half of them very well.

I like bowling, I have never lost a ball in bowling! Can't say the same in golf.

Have a good trip to Arkansas. Been there, it's different.

tommybond said...

Tyler, watch out for those dumur subversive responses when you bring up kids or anything else. I agree with Tim about waiting and not getting too pushy about kids at this point, but Bob’s style sounds passive aggressive to me. If he really is passive aggressive it will become intolerable at some point although it may take you a long time to feel that way. Passive aggressive people can seem so nice, until you realize that they pretty much agree with you and then do whatever they want. Soon you realize that you really don’t know what they are thinking and they won’t tell you, it is maddening.

tyler said...

no, i don't think that bob is p/a. i just think that he is shy.
also: at this time, we were really new and were just beginning to know each other as lovers.
i will watch out for the signs though.