Thursday, October 30, 2008


happy all souls day to all of you.halloween is probably the gayest of holidays though of course it is not an official national holiday as say thanksgiving or president's day. but don't tell that to those of you who will be in west hollywood on halloween night, heh?
halloween for me this year will be spent with bob and da bros and asssorted denizens of q's. hopefully there will be no fights but i can't promise that as q's is mostly str8 except for a few days a year...and halloween is one of them.
as i've said before, a good friend of mine is the manager of q's and she protects us as much as she can but carlos and greg have big mouths and become easily slighted when anyone (gay or str8) even gives them a sidelong glance. you take the good with the bad with friends, right?
this will be a couple of firsts for bob: first time with da bros, first time in a semi-gay bar (where it is within the realm of possiblity that he might see one of his students) and the first time we have been together on halloween. i gather that he usually does nothing on halloween so just being out and about with me in downtown sb will be a new experience for him. i will protect him...hehehe.
bob took this of me with one of those postage stamp polaroids, remember them? i had to laugh when i saw the camera. it has to be 20 years old, huh. but that is just like bob. i guess he wants to paste this photo of me on his refer, maybe? (the quality is the shits but love makes you do foolish things, huh?)

so: have a groovy halloween. drink too much. smoke too much blunt. get in a fight.make lots of love.


Anonymous said...

I like the pumpkin butt! Have fun, do you dress up for this occasion as in a costume?

I'd kind of like to go to a gay bar tonight that is having midnight jello wrestling. I want to watch but I'm pretty certain it'd be a letdown. Have to work until 10 though. So i'll probably blow it off.

Have fun with Bob and the gang.

Anonymous said...

That was me on the first comment but I think I put anonymous button by accident.-----Closet.

tyler said...

if you call a loincloth a costume, yes.
try to get out tonight and party a little or a lot....

dit said...

Have a great weekend and Halloween. We are heading up to Santa Monica Boulevard in WEho. should be fun, although, it has become rather straight. lol

Have fun at q's.

Tim in Italy said...

You're wearing a loin cloth? That'll stop traffic... and maybe a few heartbeats.

More new pictures! How great!

tyler said...

yes, a loin cloth was worn. much tequila and red wine was consumed.
i had a great time. now i am sitting in front of the tv watching mad men reruns and hoping i do not have to move for anything today.

Anonymous said...

A picture is worth a thousand words!!!!!!!!!!
(Loin cloth picture, with you in it please). lol.

I came by to read the stories from halloweeny. Glad you had a good time with your friends and your man.

I did one really good "Joker" last night. Probably top costume here. Your loincloth probably would've taken the cake though as closer to nude and showing skin is bonus points and the Joker only showed one nipple that I could see.

tyler said...

yes, i admit it i was disgusting: showing too much bod...but hey i work like a motha fuck DAILY on this bag of bones and once in a while i can display, heh
as for photos: several women took my photo so they may be using said photos for god knows what....
so are you saying you dressed as the joker?

Anonymous said...


No, I wasn't the joker, but it was the best get up I saw.
The guy had a hot body, great make up job and showed nipple. I liked.

I was a butt pirate. lol. Eye patch and all.
Pretty gutsy for a closeted guy don't you think?

Hey, i like the music on the blog tonight. I
listen to the drivel on the radio around here so
it's good to hear some good stuff I haven't
really been exposed to.

Glad you had fun.