Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter at the Uncs

So: holidays are/have always been a big deal at my uncle michael's and now that he has a regular man (not bad looking but nice, great ass and a huge is greg), michael is even more attuned to the the niceties of celebrating a holiday: easter is sunday so carlos (my supposedly str8 roomie) head off for los angeles and michael's and untold goodies of the sugar kind.
michael is a great cook and it was from him that i inherited a love of food and of cooking. michael requested that i bring just one thing for him: as he calls famous brownies. a brownie recipe i learned from a man i tricked with when i was 16 and he was 30 maybe? anyway he was a baker, slept days and lived next door to my family in a house he shared with his mother: hmmmm....
anyway the baker-man showed me how to make these brownies and people have been known to beg, plead, offer sex for one. but for the uncs: no strings attached he can get/have as many as his sweet heart desires.
so carlos and i arrive in la around noon and the uncs is waiting with open arms and chocolate bunnies...solid bittersweet chocolate bunnies no less. so we open a bottle of cuvee mumm's and proceed to eat chocolate and drink champagne.

tonight: we all are going out to Geisha for dinner and afterwards to a dance bar. i will not promise to be good.

easter saturday listening includes:
close the door (teddy pendergrass), daylight (kenna), soul shelter (sander kleinenberg), always (lisa shaw), don't look back (telepopmusik), situation-richard x remix (yaz), verdi requiem (price, von karajan).............

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