Sunday, March 30, 2008

sunday is not a day of rest....

saturday night, the bois (carlos, henry, joe, matty and ray) went out to q's to see if we could cause a little trouble.
q's is not a gay bar per se but a number of gay guys go there because of the dearth of gay clubs in santa barbara.
anyway a good time was had by all until HE walked in. and no for once i do not mean bob-o-licious but carlos' current (i guess i could call him boy friend as HE gave carlos a blow job not too long ago...carlos' first by a man...supposedly). anyway: what's with the HE, huh? his name is gregory (never greg according to him).
so this is how it goes: the bois are in a group, doing shots, drinking brew and dancing when all of a sudden an arm, a blow really...grazes my cheek on its way to carlos' jaw. remember that both carlos and gregory play ice hockey and therefore are not only used to fighting as a way of life but are damned strong.
anyway, the blow plows carlos on the mouth out of which spurts a river of blood all over me and matty and propels (i mean literally propels) carlos across the floor onto the much larger gregory and they both go at it before we all get bumped from the club at 1 am.
i attend to carlos' bloody mouth, the other bros escort gregory away who resists all methods to do so. on top of all of this is that he is as noisy and cussing aloud as carlos is subdued and quiet.
what occurs to me? you got it! what the fuck is/has been going on between these two?
so i get stuck with carlos, the quiet one who tells me nothing saying: i'll tell you later. i mean was the one blow job so wonderful for both that they fell in love immediately? did carlos forget to tell gregory that he has a girfriend? is gregory pregnant somehow impregnating himself with the cum that came out of carlos' cock that supposed one time?
it's almost 7 pm here and carlos is still locked up in his bedroom so i have no more news of last night than that.
btw: the bois report that gregory, after he calmed down a bit and they could let go of him, just kept repeating: that fucking carlos...over and over. so the mystery is unsolved as of this minute.
as for me: today i studied all day, did laundry, prepared myself for the week, the middle of which i will spend in las vegas attending a pizza expo with a good friend who owns a bunch of pizza joints here in sb. i unfortunately love to play roulette and plan very much to do so.
now it's time to lay on the sofa, watch john adams, the tudors, big brother and eat as few carbs as i can in order to began my work out routine once again tomorrow which begins with training with the swim team and dealing with the hateful sow swimming coach.
listened to lots of music today:
new erykah badu, new hot chip, soundtrack to coppola's dracula, prokoviev piano concerto (argerich), missing persons, andy caldwell, poussez, yaz (who are coming to los angeles soon...first time in 25 years read the ads),roberta flack, ella, sarah, judy, frank, sopranos music, seal,mylene farmer, zazie, i puritani (sutherland, duval)...


W said...

Why is it that ALL female swim coaches are total sour-faced nazis???

tyler said...

ha! i don't know if that is true but my swim coach, though he is a fat cow, is a man...

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I wanna know why your friends fought!
Keep us posted.

tyler said...

no news as of 706 pdt here. i haven't seen carlos all day as he skipped our seminar....hmmm.
i'm thinking that a whole lot of love not hate is at the crux of all this fussin' and fightin'...