Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday: "A Prince in a Purple Shawl"

no, not that Prince but...


yeah i know it is fashionable to deny him and his existence but i choose to believe that he is real and that he indeed died to expiate us of our collective sins.

i also believe that he had a lot to do with the creation of chocolate: chocolate bunnies (for timmy), chocolate eggs filled with caramel, godiva chocolate gift boxes with nuts and chews.

i went to mass this morning and as usual a particular kind of peace and calm came over me. i was in church, on my knees, praying, begging for forgiveness for my transgressions, participating in a lovefest: a lovefest aimed at God and his son Jesus.
prayer is so strange in the year 2008 yet so wonderful and fulfilling that i seem to be the only one in my group who ascribes to its virtues. so be it. all my pagan friends can deny the existence of god. i choose not to. i choose to embrace him, to ascribe to his teachings and to fucking love him and all for which he stands. so sue me: i'm a believer.
so easter is a couple of days away but today, holy friday is for me the most sacred of days: the day that Christ died for our sins. i didn't eat meat today: i was a vegetarian for a day. it's the least i could do for a man who painfully hung on a cross for hours to remind us that there is such a thing as Love and Forgiveness and that there is someone willing to die for it. and isn't that at least enough to warrant our attention?
good friday listening: what else but Verdi's or Mozart's Requiem or at least the cure's disentergration?


Tim in Italy said...

Courageous and well written. The last time I was in London I went to Westminster Abby and went to confession, then took communion. I agree that the experience left me with a feeling of inner peace, but I also had a very strong feeling that all the pomp and circumstance wasn't required. That I could always speak directly to God whether I was at a cab stand, on the subway or in St. Peter's. Anyway, I'm glad you found peace and took some time to appreciate his sacrifice. Not sure about the chocolate bunny part, though.

tyler said...

i agree that the p and p is unnecessary but it does add to the whole experience and reminds you that you are in a special place, a respite...that that too is comforting.
happy saturday,