Wednesday, March 26, 2008


so my room mate carlos and i decide to skip our last class today and head out to q's to play some pool, drink beer and flirt with the surfer boys who always seem to be in attendance anytime of the day or night. they are fun, aware that we want them and have loads of fun flirting with us and grabbing their crotches and generally acting a fool. we like them and they us.
the manager, jacque' is an old grade school chum of mine and therefore, being poor ass students that we are, she gives us food and drink for free and we entertain her with brilliant convo and attempts to dance to the 80's new wave music that is always on the soundsystem.
pretty much everything is status quo there until bob-o-licious walks in with a friend, walks up to me and plants a soul kiss on me...yeah right...then i wake up, right?
actually he smiles, waves, picks up a pool cue and plays pool with his friend. what is extremely cool is that he is wearing shorts (not the dreaded huge pocket on the leg ones) that can be best described as tennis togs and a ralph lauren powder blue polo, brown leather havana joe flips and a killer smile made even more killer by the fact that he is obviously a bit fucked up on beer or tequila or both. there is actually nothing sexier than a cute man liquor'd up a bit, right?
anyway, nothing untoward happens between us unfortunately, except once again i am in a position to see his weiner...this time as he stands next to me at the urinal talking about his grad seminar that day and how he misses, not my being, or body or phosphorescent hazel eyes but my seminar contributions. it takes every atom of my being NOT to reach over and grab his scrotum and fondle the head of his penis but of course i don't. i love this guy and would have let him impregnate me right there in the q's men's room with carlos and the surfer dudes waiting for me to come back and play pool with them. oh well.

why is it that most guys can't understand that they must buy a size smaller in flips than they normally wear in shoes? my friends and i call the empty area to the rear of the flips not covered with the foot as the back flap. i hate this. some guys even buy flips two sizes too big and have enough back flap to qualify as a skateboard.

"memory of a killer" anyone seen this terrific film from the netherlands about a hit man in the first stages of alzheimers? though the lead, jan decleir is about 70 he is still manly and sexy but so are all the guys in this film: maybe it's the strange cadence of the dutch language or maybe it's because most dutch men are uncircumsized. i particularly like the scene when the hit man wakes up in bed after fucking a sexy short haired platinum blond prostitute, looks around and forgets who she is and what he has just done to her: scary and real.
so: you're a hit man, been one most of your adult life but on your way to the hit your forget who you're supposed to kill or your brain starts mis-firing and you end up in a movie revival house watching "auntie mame" with a theater full of rosalind russell fans...i.e. gay men. check this one out asap.

as you all know part of my sports psych thing is to work out like a fiend as in work out with the swim team, track team, swimming team and not being adept at any of those sports i generally pull down the average and am generally despised by most of the serious practitioners of these sports. but today i swam the 800 meter freestyle and came in 8th out of 10: whoo-hooo which surprised me as much as it did the fat, ugly, anti-gay swim coach pig, so there!

music: i listened to erykah badu's new cd today almost non-stop and i can almost say that i hate it. but maybe if i listen to it enough, i will change my mind.
i am still addicted to the newish kenna and the newish seal and i'm in love with heidi klum.


Anonymous said...

I like the alias you gave me. :-p

Way to go in showing that coach you can swim!

Bitch-boi ;-)

tyler said...

to be honest, i really hate swimming competitively and this is not to say that i am actually a member of the s team but as i said: it's a part of my course study; the thinking being that i have to be in shape in order to treat people whose job is being in shape to play/compete in a sport.
glad you liked your nickname, bb!