Monday, March 24, 2008

jon hamm

i just watched a re-run of the bill maher show and one of his estimable panel guests was jon hamm, the handsome dude on this page.
hamm is in a series on the amc channel called "mad men" a play on the phrase ad men as in advertising men. the series is set in the 50's world of advertising yet is rife with new milennium feelings of sexual abandon fueled by free flowing booze and broads.
there are scenes of two women coming onto each other, scenes of don (jon hamm) and his colleagues having three ways: 2 men and one woman and often i tent just watching hamm listening intently to his fellow workers as he is doing in the scene to the left.
hamm has a perfect head, a beautiful forehead and twinkling blue eyes. since this series is set in the 50's his clothes are primo suits of sharkskin, ultra white shirts and skinny ties of silk. oddly enough his look is very much the look of now: that is 2008. in his bio for the show it says he lives with his girlfriend and his cat.
i am of course in love with him now particularly since, among the ultra liberals and super intellegentsia who were also on the panel of the bill maher show, he merely smiled a lot and looked devastatingly handsome. his hair was also loose and natural and i wanted very much to taste his penis and suck his toes.
for the moment or maybe even for the week, month or year...he is my new man. i want him and i want him to want me.
today, it was back to school, back to my workout i had very little time to listen to music, but i did manage to catch the following:
bounce and flow (poussez), the new erykah badu, steppin' out (kaskade), grand canyon-ada remix (tracey thorn), la pluie et les beau temps (zazie)...


Jim Brown said...

tyler i FEEL YOU!!!!

this is exactly the sentiment that drew me to your page. google image search: jon hamm. one of your stunning images is listed on the 3rd search results page.

thank you for understanding his loveliness.

have you seen him play Don Draper on 'Mad Men'??!!! Swoon.

Also, the term "Mad Men" plays on the fact that the big agencies were (are?) mostly housed on Madison Ave.

tyler said...

wow, you had to dig deep to find this blog entry.
but yes, joe is beyond good looking and sexy. i actually first saw him on the bill maher show.