Thursday, March 20, 2008

yes, bob-o-licious is still tormenting me...

though this term i do not have a class lead by my future husband and father of my future children, bob, i try on a daily basis to go by his office, generally with as little clothing as possible...just in case it turns him on, turns his head, makes him weep or hell makes him smile at least. this is in itself a difficult task in that his office is over a mile away from anything (gym, running track, swimming pool) that can be considered sporty so i'm guessing (actually i know) he has figured out what i am doing and why i am doing it. for christmas i gave him a cool black zipper cardigan with a gray stand up collar sweater from the john varvatos shop and i have yet to see him wear it in public. what he does with it is to display it on a quilted pink woman's/joan crawford no wire hangers hanger in his office for all to see. two things occur to me: where did this very basic, khaki trouser, faded grungy plaid shirt wearing hot, sexy as fuck man get a pink padded hanger and secondly why does he have the perfect sweater for him hanging on the wall of his office as if it were a fucking matisse painting?
my thinking here is that he pulls his pants down at least 3 times a day and jerk offs while he views the sweater winking at him with it's primo cashmere self. (btw...i had to practically beg him to accept such a gift from me as it is a way too expensive a present to accept from a friend much less a moonstruck former in me. but he finally did but admits he has only put it on once and that once was when i made him try it on for me: a time that has been firmly and irrevocably recorded on my memory bank as he looked so handsome i thought i might faint...seriously...faint away like a melodrama heroine with the vapors.
i guess at some point here i need to move on and out but right now i don't feel like it. and: what do i do with the bottega venneta wallet i bought for him in italy in december?(that is besides holding it my hand when i jerk off thinking about it in his ass pocket...)
this summer i have my choice of returning to nyc and columbia, going to paris and the cordon bleu and continuing my cooking education, staying here in sb and coaching a soccer team or blowing off school, etc. for the summer and becoming a beach bum. the dedicated student in me says: go to nyc and learn! the party animal in me says: stay home and fuck off. my personal goal is to be a practicing, licensed clinical psychologist in 2010 so i guess it is nyc for me this summer.
carlos (my roomie) who is still straight but wavering...he actually "allowed" a really cute freshman and fellow hockey player friend of his go down on him. my only question to him was if the dude swallowed and carlos smiled and said nothing else. i hate the strong silent type.
i am listening to:
bounce and flow (poussez), never again -remix (kelly clarkson...i wish she had let me write the lyrics to this song because if she had the hate and jealousy would have been hyped up X 10),
sing-moto blanco club remix (annie lennox), could this be the magic (donna summer), sun red sky blue (kenna)...


Tim in Italy said...

Why don't you just walk in his office, close the door and strip? You'll have this all figured out in about 20 seconds... or an hour and a half.

tyler said...

now would that be fun for all of you to read about?
or fun for me to experience?
i've been flirting with this sexy fuck for months, had casual lunches with him, invited him to my uncle's for the holidays...which he has attended...asked him for a sperm sample...
what i want to do is kiss him so hard it would make his lips bleed...