Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"London is full of Whores and Queers"

nonetheless, i am going to london for a week in about 3 weeks with mr. bob.
i have to make a very very quick trip to santa barbara to meet with the phd inquisition board to change ny phd sponsor from bob to web. (or the inquisition board may accept written testimony: keep your fingers crossed)
web was my previous phd sponsor and is also slammin' hot but he is with someone else. we have known each other for so long our relationship has slipped cozily into friendship: a major growing up thing for me as in the past i would glomm onto a hot man despite the ethical implications.
so web and i are friends, he is smart and concerned about my future and he also became a licensed clinical psychologist at 27. he is now the ripe old age of 29.
the cool thing about web and is that we share the same birthday: december 22.
bob and web are also friends and tenured professors though from different schools.
london: sex, theater, soho, notting hill, the tate, restaurants (gordon ramsey's of course).bob and i will surf wherever we can. we will stay at the dorchester...at my insistence...just because that is where elizabeth taylor always stays.
right now i am winding down in nyc: both school wise and personally. i have become a celibate, i pray daily, i eat only chocolate and drink pinot noir. i wax my entire body and i have shaved all my hair off. i wear only muslin caftans and have stopped working out. i troll central park for tricks in which i perform all sorts of disgusting sexual acts on more than disgusting men and women for 50 cents.
i am content. i am happy. i often return home with my rectum filled with the rancid cum of 100's of men. i gladly remove said cum with a turkey baster and use the contents to feed my many orchid plants. they gobble the human food ravenously and grow to gigantic proportions.
i am ready for london. and london is ready for me.

music: listen to my blog ipod and learn more about me than anything that i have ever written here.


Mr. Model said...

Ummm... I need a shower! I'm all sticky sweet after that!

tyler said...

you might be sticky...but it ain't sweet, bub.

Mr. Model said...

guess we will never know

Jérem' said...

Yeah, ok! Now i know why all my flowers died in a so miserable way! lol! love your style.

Jérem' said...

I see that you love French songs? Do you speak French? Anyway, this is excellent! I almost ended up believing that our music did not cross the Atlantic,then I am proud to see that this is not the case. So, Vive la France! I see that you love Zazie! Romantic guy?
Good choice of music!

W said...

The Dorchester is stuffy and chintzy unless you have a really good suite. Clarideges is where its at if you want the same genre but with a touch of cool/ shabby chic(also Gordon Ramsey at Claridges is the best lunch in town for $150pp)

Dont bother with the Tate if youve done it beofre - head to Tate Modern follwed by some drinks next door at the Oxo tower restaurant/bar. Soho - Well i guess you are a tourist - Try the Green Carnation.

PS it seems clinical psychology in the states is rife with hotties. I dont think i have met a single hottie psychologist ever!

tyler said...

thanks for your comments. yes, i am a fan of french pop music and of some of the older french musicians like michel le grand.
you should try using cum on your orchids: it works!

tyler said...

yes, the tate modern of course. i've actually been to london 5 times.
i will take your advice about claridges/ramsey's rest. but if you are wrong i will hunt you down like a wounded animal.
as far as hot clinical psychologists in southern california: what can i say? to make matters better, the 2 that i know both surf, have beautiful feet and are more or less gay.
nyc uni english lit students have the edge in looks here: as in "the vampires" whom i swear are following me as one or the other seem to be around me almost everywhere i go.
nice to see you commneting again on my blog. welcome back though i think that the title of this blog probably attracted your attention.
do you know from where i copped that quote?

Tim in Italy said...

Glad you're getting away to London; one of my favorite towns. I prefer the St. Martin's Lane Hotel, both for location and hot, trendy crowd. Some of friends are telling me that Dublin is the new London with a very gay friendly atmosphere. I'll check it out and let you know.

As for the rest... yeah... cheery. Great. Do you then come home and crawl into your soiled bed with all your clothes on and sleep in your own waste? I mean, if you're going to go off, you might as well do it right. I take it from all this that the man still hasn't laid his boy.

tyler said...

or: i could have said that i was a taxi dancer in a bensonhurst gay bar, sucking street person cock and paying THEM a buck for the service and getting gang raped daily by gang bangers who cut my face and neck on a regular basis.
actually all that has nothing to do, at least on a conscious level, to bob-o-roonie. i just started typing and couldn't stop.
speaking of ireland: one of my profs is visiting from dublin and if ever there were a mr. chips like character in real life...this is he: crumbs on his jacket, stains on his tie, he talks to the ceiling or to the windows and never to us.
i want desperately to take him and get him some decent clothes and a good haircut because staring at him for 4 hours 2 x a week i can see that he really is quite good looking.
anyway: i hope you well on your visit to la. say hello to the pacific dining car or musso frank for me.

Jérem' said...

So, I suppose it really works! Be sure i'll think about it. :) In short, if you want to know more French pop music, listen to the playlist on my profile.


Anonymous said...

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