Friday, August 15, 2008

"will you come inside me"

" you can see inside me...will you come inside me?" i love these lyrics and song by minnie ripperton a precursor to mariah carey though one with no attitide and miles of talent. minnie died a number of years ago but left a ream of beautiful music, "come inside my love" being one of her best.
so how did i come to know this song and minnie ripperton? the sopranos. there is a scene inside of the bada bing in which the pole dancing women are sensually moving to this song and i had to find out what it was and who it was by.
speaking of barebacking and coming inside your partner's ass hole: there is definitely a mystery tied to this most verbotten sex practice. i personally have never shot my load up another dudes ass. i am of the safe sex generation, we do not cum inside anyone's love. unless: we are lucky enough to be with the same person for awhile and the tests consistently come back negative. kinda takes the fun out of it all, huh?
and fuck have i been tempted to let go and just forego the rubber and do the nasty the way it was designed to be done. yes. but never have as of yet.
good news: the uni psychology board has agreed to take written testimony from me in regards to changing my phd sponsor: soon i will be enjoying the sweet sweet lovin' of one sexy fuck, bob. my fears? all this build up, plain and simple. will i be disappointed? will he be disappointed? will he be able to even do it with a guy? remember he never has up to this point.
anyway: on other fronts. timmy is in my hometown going to the abbey in weho and acting like a proper so cal gay: uppity, careless, being a bitch and forgetting all that europe has taught him. no, i'm just fucking with ya. i have no idea what he is experiencing but i do know that weho tends to make you gayer than you might usually be. the castro in san francisco is like venice while weho is more like Ibiza: raw, obvious and crazy: not a bad thing i admit.
london is imminent. having some time off is imminent. fucking with my main squeeze is imminent. i'm scared. can he see inside me?

music: hear minnie's come inside my love on my ipod thing on the right on this page.


Mr. Model said...

I was workin weho the past 2 weeks. My friend actually owns the abbey and tons more ps!!!! I hope you have fun in London! I'm way jealous!!! The sex will be good!!!! Trust me!!!

Tim in Italy said...

I've actually been going through culture shock, can you believe it? And, like you, I was born here! The boys are stunning as always, but in a unique so cal way. I am being well behaved and a perfect gentleman, wearing age appropriate attire, staying sober and appreciating boy beauty w/o slobbering on it... and, as always, this attracts them in droves. In spite of this, I prefer Europe and want to go home. My transformation is nearly complete, it seems.

We know from your ramblings that the thought of Bobby naked makes you dizzy, but I don't recall either of you ever sharing that startling moment where you told each other that you were in love. I may be wrong regarding this, but nothing jumps to mind. Or perhaps you are both of the belief that actions speak louder than words and saying that you are in love only diminishes its power. Regardless, I'll assume: trust in your love to carry the day and you'll be fine. And don't be surprised if making love completely is a gradual process of weeks or even months. It's the journey that's important, wouldn't you agree?

tyler said...

there's nothing like a socal boi, huh? we are unique yet very specific in terms of looks and outlook. we come in all sizes and shapes and attitudes.
i definitely have told bob that i love him and bob,at this point, shows much more than he says. but yes i must hear it soon.
have fun in la....and what's up w/moms?

Tim in Italy said...

Patience. I just posted the run up to our meeting and the audience will be detailed before the week end's out. Rest assured that all is well with very interesting highlights. I'm in Palm Springs currently and then a wine tasting tonight in LA at the Gay and Lesbian Center. Rush, rush, rush!

tyler said...

ok. let me know how "the audience" goes: which probably is not the best way to look at this meeting with moms, heh?
(unc said he saw someone who loked like you last night at "hyde." we're you there? (i asked him to check out your photo on my blog so he could recognize you). and yes i know, if he thought it were you, why didn't he say hi...don't know.)

Tim in Italy said...

No, not me. I was in Palm Springs last night seeing some old friends, the only two guys left from the group of 15 or so who were here when I was. The economic downturn has swept everyone else away. Back in LA tonight.

Re: 'the audience", that's what it will be. As much as I have compassion for her, for reason's already stated, there're no warm fuzzies here. If there were, maybe we would have tried to contact one another before she was at death's door. But we didn't. And there are no regrets.

You make my heart ache, you know that? You are so full of caring and you so want me to be okay and to be okay with her... well, I am okay. Better than I've ever been. I was asked here, not to reconcile, but so that she could give me a message before she died. And I'm fine with that and so is she. You're a real credit to your uncle. I'm sorry I wasn't out last night. I would have liked to have met him.

Take care of yourself, T-Bone. Life would be much less interesting w/o you.

tyler said...

i had to think a lot about whether i wanted to share your last post with my huge audience (ha!) but ultimately i did, obviously.
you are likewise very kind to say these things.
mille grazie, timoteo!

Jérem' said...

Oh, yes! that's a very beautiful song. Can you give me more informations about her, kind the titles of his albums or stuff like that?
Yeah! you have all good there! Glory be to the safe sex! Question: I speak English well for a french man, is'nt it?
I ask because this morning,I was told that I was kind of zero!

tyler said...

check this out for minnie ripperton music on

W said...

My favorite Ms Ripperton song:

tyler said...

nice song, cool arrangement.i am not familiar with this giles.
i do wonder though when ripperton recorded it. it sounds like she did it towards the end of her life when her voice was darker and without the falsetto flourishes: as in "come inside my love."
lovely though.

WillySmith said...

Oddity to report: So... reading this now I learn that on the very day you posted about MR... I was at home playing her for Sam & Violet. Random. Is there some kind of weird separated-at-birth cosmic link between us Ty? If so... how can we exploit said link for profit, whimsey and/or meanness? Or perhaps another mundane coincidence. Hey, what am I thinking RIGHT NOW?

tyler said...

right now you are thinking that you want to cum inside me.
whimsey, willy-boi but not exploit it but luxuriate in it.
you try to hide your heart behind a wall of meaness (your word)but i see more than that in your words.
we are both in the same professional game, remember.
cosmic link? i'd say more of an emotional core link. and this is a good thing, innit?