Sunday, August 24, 2008

the soul patch

i am not a fan of facial hair though i will admit that on some guys a nice stubble is sexy. beards are always uncalled for in any situation: unless of course you are playing freud.
bob has grown a soul patch and, don't tell him i said this: but it even makes him look sexier than i think he already is.
here's a famous dude with one, though i can't quite place him, i think that he is in a band: (it goes without saying i hope that bob has refused to appear herein)

so: there you have it. the soul patch. i dig 'em. i will grow one and look like a geek probably then i will quickly shave it off.
the closing olympic ceremony is on now and it is as spectacular as the opening: directed and produced again by yimou zhang.
not much of a blog but there you have it.
oh yeah: i saw "elegy" with penelope cruz and ben kingsley based on a novel by philip roth and being such it is about a old geezer (kingsley) lusting and leaving a young beautiful woman (cruz). it is rothian in that the man is presented as the master, the super human embodiment of all things male though roth must be well into his 70's. the cruz character is nothing more than a sexaully pliant plush toy though she is, away from the kingsley character, an intelligent college student. "elegy" is pretentious and ugly.
i despised "elegy" and wanted to bolt from the theater but bob kept telling me to stay and hold his hand because he was shocked and frightened that a film released in the new millennium could/would be so anti-women. (women should be picketing this film)
it took a couple of shots of tequila anejo to clear our heads after that.
music: rachmaninov...i love the piano concertos and "eugene onegin" but the vocalaise
playing now while you crank the sound down on your computer is one of my favorite pieces of music ever. it is quite haunting and very very beautiful. it always makes me feel better when things are not going well. listen to it. it is not long. you will be better for it, i promise.


Tim in Italy said...

I did have a beard for a short while during college. I was drafted into the production of some period piece. Don't remember what exactly. Also grew my hair long. I looked like Jesus, only cuter. Couldn't wait to shave the damn thing off. Yeah, no man of mine is gonna have hair on his face.

Tim in Italy said...

The fact that most of them are only... um... 17 helps. Peach fuzz doesn't really count, does it? I am so going to hell.

tyler said...

yes, and i will see you there along with bob if "w" has anything to do with it. seems to me that many 17 year olds least once a week. i know i did.
come to think of it: as long as they have pubes, it's legal, right?

Tim in Italy said...

LOL! I love that idea! Yeah, they got pubes; they're legal!

If you don't know about him already go on youtube and check out a guy named Lewis Black. He has some really incredible things to say about the bible, the religious right and how the Bush administration has treated gays. His "Red, White and Screwed" HBO special is the best. Very funny guy, but with a near heart breaking sincerity. He will make you think.

tyler said...

yes i know lewis black and enjoyed his hbo special: cool guy.

Mr. Model said...

soul patch tyler???? Maybe on bob. The less hair the better for me!