Sunday, September 14, 2008

back to life, back to reality...

so for my 2 readers the answer is: yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. other than that i cannot say.

i owe new york a post, so here it is:

i love nyc.

i love my dorm room mate who has the biggest cock i have ever seen. it is scary even and believe me i have seen a lot of cocks in my life.

i love my dorm neighbors who played madonna non-stop and who were majorly intelligent and were both getting their phd's in nuclear physics (or something like that).

i love that one of the neighbors was once a man but who now lives as a woman: this is courage...real live your life in THE way you want not the way others would have you live it. it's unfortunate that she pays for school by sucking off old men but hey we all gotta do what we all gotta do, right?

i love my nyc professors who operate and succeed in a profession that pays so very little yet they all give us so much. teachers are the real heroes in this world.

i'll never forget the two older gentlemen making out (tongues flipping in and out of each others mouths and everything) in front of carnegie hall. for those of us that think that is gross (and i did get several e-mails to that effect) and that love/sex stops at 30: i'm here to tell you that those men gave me hope for my 60's and 70's and even 80's. i may not be able to attract a hot 20 year old when i am 80 but damn watching and thinking now about those two men...i'll be happy with a sexy 70 year old.

and to the vampires: i know you were following me pretty much all the time that i was at school and i appreciate that you found me cool enough to do so but why only follow me, why not approach? maybe it's that thing about inviting a vampire into your house or they will not enter. what's weird was that i was close to having sex in public (remember july4th, central park???) with what's his name, one of you guys, so if that was not inviting someone in i don't know what is. well, i'll be back next summer guys and i will looking for you!
nyc miscellany:
coney island hot dog eating contest
crazy pretzel selling woman in columbus circle who wanted to suck my cock
the belgian chocolate shop in rockefeller center
my early morning runs down broadway when the city was just waking up and all seemed possible
july 4th central park with most of the psych dept and a pack of vampires (see above)
new canaan connecticut and pops and dennis, gloria and moms and the infamous jonas...
btw: jonas is back and more than ok...more on that saga later....

so: goodbye new york. as has been sung and said many times before: if you can make it here you can make it anywhere!




Tim in Italy said...

It takes an expansive spirit to fully appreciate New York. I've never been able to do it. Work will take me there for several weeks early next year, so we'll see how it goes.

I'm glad London was such a great time. It was good that you could get away for a few days. Sounds relaxing.

Glad you're back, though 3 hours further behind. I got spoiled with you being in NY.

Jérem' said...

hey you! welcome back!

tyler said...

yup back to the serious business of earning another degree.
i will write about london soon and the magical re-appearance of one jonas...
thanks for the welcome. it is nice to be home once again.

Anonymous said...

I'm in a babbling mood. In no particular order....

You saw your roommates cock? and it's huge? Woohoo! I had a dorm roommate back in the day (yep, a few years ago to say the least) who slept nude and had a big sausage. I didn't want it though. And I was str8 at the time (yea right).

I think it's cool you got to appreciate it (the sausage, was he hot or just his cock?).

Also, You forgot to say thank you to the jock that wanted to have sex with you when his appointment was canceled (one of my favorite posts of the summer, yes I think about your blog and remember stuff). Actually, I think he asked you to coffee. You know, I could really quiz you on the jocks seeing the sports psychologist and being gay sessions. My favorites.

Sex after 30!!!!! I'm all for it, now that I'm in my 40's.

I like your life. I like reading about it. Santa Barbara, NYC, London. What a ride.

I want to read about London and I'm very glad that Jonas has reappeared (I actually thought about that the other day when I checked your blog and you hadn't updated.).

Oh yea, and can I have one of your degrees, especially if your not using one of em?

tyler said...

yeah i saw my roomie's cock the night i walked into him fucking a woman.
and yes i did forget the hot patient...obviously not a highlight to me...but he is hot.
have a great wednesday.

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Oi you definitely have more than 2 readers. I've just been preoccupied with my life falling apart. So count me as the 3rd. LOL. Damn you were in London & we didn't get to meet :o( next time I guess.

I love this post - gives a major insight into your life in NY.

Drop me an email - I've changed sites. And had to limit access.

George x

tyler said...

cool: a 3rd reader!
yes i was in london with bob and basically i saw a lot of
i saw no one except gordon ramsey who owns in the restaurant in claridges.
does your life falling apart mean that you are no longer with english?

dit said...

Very well put Tyler. You make me miss NYC too. I have missed visiting your blog also. Life has been crazy, but I have a moment to say hello. So . .. Here looking at you!

tyler said...

hey backatcha! glad to see you back herein.
yes, this stint in nyc was even stranger than last year but what fun.
i'm happy to back to sb though and back to a somewhat normal life.

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Yup it surely does.

I picked up your email this morning on my portable - I'll send you an invite when I'm at home next.

Ceilings? LOL. Fate clearly favours the few.

tyler said...

hey george:
this was hard persistent work to get my man: fuck fate!
remember: i was bob's first man and his last if i have anything to do with it...hehehe.