Saturday, September 20, 2008

the strange re-appearance of jonas and london calling

so first, the story of jonas' disappearance. pops called me today and gave me the scoop. it is so obvious that it is almost laughable yet somehow really stupid and unethical on jonas' part.
so here it is:
as you remember, jonas left the movie theater while vicky cristina barcelona was playing, nachos with double cheese in hand and said that he were going to pee. we never saw him again. i certainly never saw him again for the rest of my stay in new canaan. pops, being the stalwart and upstanding man that he is called the police almost immediately when jonas didn't show the next day after the movie.
dennis and i decided to take matters into our own hands (fueled by blunt and tequila) and broke into jonas' house, thinking that we would find jonas dead, his cock on the floor next to him and his dog howling in pain while he licked up all the blood as it oozed from jonas' body. no dice.
so: jonas ends up "missing" for 5 days. and yes the reason was that he was with a man. dumb. i gather from pops that jonas is close mouthed when it comes to what man and any details contained therein.
jonas left the theater (like an idiot i asked pops: "did he take the nachos with him?" why that was important to me can only be explained that, though i love theater nachos with all that plastic cheese...i can never quite bring myself to buy them: i always think about all that cheese adhering to my blood vessels, etc.)and met said mystery man and they went off to cape cod for the five days and fucked themselves silly. now remember that jonas is newly divorced (from a woman), newly gay and so socially he is 16: a gay teen in thought and in his mind. not to make excuses for the silly bugger but it is what it is: jonas is 40 in the non-sexual part of his life and 16 in the social part. to top all of this off, jonas is a clinical psychologist with a very successful practice. i realize that most men lead with their cocks but maybe he should have thought about this a bit before disappearing? what about his patients? what about disappearing with dennis? dennis is certainly cute and available and very very smart.
so there you have it: jonas is a geek, a beautiful geek...but a geek nonetheless.
for all that we saw of london outside of a claridge's hotel suite, we could have gone to new canaan, rented a motel room and ordered from domino's.
we did manage to go to gordon ramsey's restaurant (in claridges, of course)and go to the tate modern and ride a double dutch bus around town. but mainly that was it. oh yeah we saw quite a bit of the airport.
but i definitely have a lover now. and a boyfriend for now. now i will begin to worry about his leaving me. so continues the saga of my lovelife.


Tim in Italy said...

Hmmm. Not much to say about Jonas. He could have told the truth, or at least lied creatively, instead of putting you all through the worry.

So, you have a lover and a boyfriend. I see it the other way. Bob has a lover and a boyfriend. One who was brave enough and noble enough to gently support and encourage him, patient enough not to rush him or pester him for sex before he was ready, and one talented and passionate enough to think twice about leaving. Did I mention handsome? Are you a handful? I have no doubt. A pain in the ass at times? Most probably. But he knew the job was dangerous when he took it. So stop worrying about what Bob's gonna do. He's already done it. And start worrying about what you're gonna do.

Anonymous said...

I understand the 40 going on 16 analogy. It's me too.
But I'm glad all is ok with Jonas and the family can relax. As to Nachos, I admire your willpower!

So your transitioning well! I'm glad you have a lover and I'm glad it's Bob-o-licious. When I first found your blog in 07', it sounded like a harmless crush on an unattainable to me. Silly me! Atta boy. I'm glad your happy.

tyler said...

well yes i didn't pester bob for sex but i sure as hell moaned and groaned to anyone else that would listen to me....
i need to try and relax into the relaionship because believe me, bob seems "at home" with me.
leave it to you to take it to the basics: nachos! lol. but life is like that, huh? the basics are the most important things.

tyler said...

on thinking a bit more about jonas (today has been a 100% chill day: no work out, lots of food so i have had time to think about this):
i'm thinking that he didn't know that he was going to do what he did until he went to pee and realized it needed to happen then. perhaps there was an offer on the table for him to go away with this mystery dude that he just thought: i'm going to go for this.
also: maybe with all the male pulchritude on display the night before: dennis, pops, me (ha!) all his gayness came to the fore and he was complelled to do something rash and very gay.
what he did was selfish, unethical (his patients) and maybe even mean but he DID something and that in the long run is to be admired.

W said...

you have to worry about about a psychologist who has only just come out age 40! i mean if there was a profession on earth where being gay was ok, then it has to be psyhology.

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Actually I agree with you - I do think it was quite admirable for Jonas to follow his heart (or possibly even cock) - done slightly tactlessly though - you guys were worried with due reason & only a phonecall away. Glad to hear he is okay though.

Even more glad that you finally got your man. Yay :o)

Jérem' said...

You're addicted to nachos? Eww! I hate Nachos. Truly...

tyler said...

yep, i'm thinking that the same about jonas also though neglect of his patients is a no-no.
you need to come to santa barbara for some real nachos...the movie nachos are disgusting.

W said...

maybe a surprise but not worrying for a hairdresser to come out age 40.

Tim in Italy said...

So... that's it? Now that your snuggled happily into Bobby's armpit, the rest of us have to go begging? You know, studies show that it's best for newly weds to maintain something of separate lives so they have things to talk about... and I love being talked about. So, get on the stick, kid. Santa Barbara ain't that far away and you're not too big to spank... I have an entourage, just in case you are too big to spank.

Or send a pound cake.

tyler said...

hey tims:
i was gone fron sb most of this week: bob and i went to seattle to meet his MOMS!
i'll blog about the whole thing now.
i'm stoked.