Sunday, September 7, 2008

off to london...

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we're off for some limited rest and relaxation. bob and i will leave tomorrow for london and will be back in santa barbara by saturday.
i will try to keep up with the blog but who knows.
update on jonas: pops tells me that his family is now in new canaan and that he seemingly has not left any paper trail: credit card use, atm, etc.
this makes me worried and sad. if you pray, include him in yours as i will include him in mine.
cya in awhile......


Jérem' said...

A bientôt!:) (Translate see ya soon)

Tim in Italy said...

Safe journey and enjoy London. I'll be there in the 2nd half of October for R&R and I can hardly wait! If you guys decide to chuck it all and go on the lam, come south. I can put you up.

I'll keep Jonas in my thoughts. The lack of a paper trail is consistent with these types of cases, unfortunately.