Monday, September 1, 2008

the strange incident at new canaan

those of you who remember my blog of last year, may also remember my friend dennis who lives here in nyc now but who went to school with me in california and whose parents live in the redolent with meaning and sophistication town of new canaan, connecticut.
film fans know this city from ang lee's terrific "the ice storm" of 10 years back. i know new canaan because of dennis' moms and pops and from my trip there last year. a trip in which i could have sworn that dennis's pops (whom i will now refer to as pops) had the hots for me.
since i never sense that anyone ever has the hots for me (no, i am NOT fishing for compliments here), it came as somewhat of a surprise that i felt that pops was leaning in this direction. but so be it, besides the fact that pops is pretty sizzling for a 50 year old, wears cool clothes from the 70's most of the time and is as nice as pie to me, it has now been a year and nary a word from him. suffice it to say that i have moved on. then dennis called and asked me to new canaan for the labor day weekend. i literally begged bob to come with me so that i could show him off to dennis and his family. but bob, being bob had made plans to go fishing with his maine-living i went alone. i suppose that it is very forthright and honorable of bob to think that he must honor all of his committments to his family but for once could he change his plans for me? i am only asking here, you understand.
so i packed a bag consisting of speedoes, shorts, tees, 501's, western boots and some chill 50's hawaiian shirts for my foray back to new canaan, moms, pops and dennis. i was excited to see them all for new canaan and dennis' family IS like family to me: something of which i am in short supply.
pops met me at the train station and as i remembered from last year, saturday is car wash day. the car wash at new canaan is a major trip and believe me i have been to posh car washes but this one takes the cake (what does that expression mean anyway and from where is it derived?). the new canaan car wash sports: a dry cleaners, a massage parlor, a nail shop and now a mini whole foods...oh yeah and a first rate car wash.
though i knew i was wishing for a miracle, i hoped to once again see the dude who came up to me last year and asked if pops were my lover. remember him? well, i do. but he wasn't there.
anyway: pops was honestly enough for me. we both got pedicures, chatted about dennis being gay (dennis is officially out to his family, thank god). we talked about bob. we ate pastrami sandwiches. all in all we spent 3 hours at the car wash. i had a great time.
then it was off to whole foods as i was once again to sing for my supper and cook for dennis and his family saturday night. so amongst all the straight and gay couples of new canaan who were shopping at whole foods on a saturday afternoon, there were pops and i looking cool, buying provisions for that nights meal: a 1/2 filet mignon roast, turnips and carrots for root veggies with maple/pecan glaze, stuff for a caesar salad and c salad dressing, yukon gold potatoes for roasting and peaches, heavy cream and stuff to make pound cake for dessert. i really don't know why guys think that pops and i are a couple ( well, on second thought maybe i do: we act as friends act in public...or at least my friends: we punch, we cajole, we laugh, we toss apples to each other, we point out all the strange people that we know the usual buddy stuff)or why said guys think that pops and i are even gay. i think that the most that i can be accused of is looking like a so/cal dude what with what i was wearing: madras shorts, white polo dress shirt (collar absolutely, definitely NOT turned up) from the 70's (thanks, uncs!)one size too small and a pair of, what leather flips.
pops was wearing khaki straight front cotton shorts, a black polo and leather flips. so maybe i can understand why people think that we are a couple.
you might be wondering where was dennis? when i asked pops he replied: "this is our afternoon, dennis can have you anytime he wants." ok: what i could do with that statement, huh?
END OF PART I.(PART II to include a mini review of the new woody allen film viewed by dennis and me in an altered state...)
music: check the ipod to the right: i found a "heavenly" track and inserted it...check it out.


Anonymous said...

Tyler--New Canaan sounds like fun to me.

But even though I live in nowheresville,
I can't picture the carwash being the center
of uber excitement. You paint the picture well,
it's just hard to conjure up a vision.

Glad you don't pop the collar.
Just got back from Vegas and the douche-baggery
was too much with the Cali crowd and their popped
collars lol. But don't think i wasn't looking at em' anyway.

I digress, good catching up on your blog. Enjoy the east coast and can't wait for Part 2. I think POPS likes you. really likes you. For what it's worth from me. Your instincts don't mislead you often--

Tim in Italy said...

Can we just all agree that you're a flaming sex god, befuddling mens minds w/o even trying. Fathers, brothers, celebrities, nuns, and small furry woodland creatures - none are spared! Thank God, Bob is about to stand between you and the rest of humanity... it's positively mythical!

tyler said...

hey closet:
where have you been for the last few months? e-mail me please and let me know to where you periodically escape.
popped collars give me
several of my friends from so cal were in las vegas this last weekend:hmmmmmm.
ahh c''s not me it's the supposedly str8 men of the world! i am innocent. i am without guilt. i am pure.

Tim in Italy said...

Yeah, as the driven f______g snow. I know. Spare me.