Tuesday, September 2, 2008

part 2: the strange incident at new canaan

so it's saturday night last and i am busy prepping a fine meal for my extended family which includes pops, moms, dennis, dennis' little sister, gloria, their dog cassio and a family friend, jonas whom i haven't seen in years. jonas is 30'ish, divorced and now gay, though i hear from moms that jonas has not actually done it with a guy. sound familiar, heh? oh yeah jonas is a clinical psychologist, owns a beautiful home in new canaan (there must be lots of crazies in new canaan), is cute in a paul newman circa "hud" way: which means this dude is HOT! (btw: paul newman...may you rest in peace, we will miss you)
after the car wash, pops and i go home to began drinking as in throwing down some newcastles and then we all decide to lay out by the pool. so i popped on a pair of white speedos as did dennis and lo and behold so does the popster. moms dons a stylish one piece and that minx gloria a brazilian thong. i swear if someone had the sense to take a photo of us it would have looked like a david hockney painting.
and then jonas appears: a vision in black speedos, hairy chest, worked out bod and sporting a grin as wide as all outdoors. (ok corny but my mouth was wide open and something was stirring in the nether regions...this much i know) so then i start pulling a timmy and start mentally riffing on jonas' and my life together: marriage, children, me combing his chest hair and shaving his ass hole...ya know that kind of thing.
of course, all of this manly manhood makes me nervous and i escape to the kitchen and get to the work of prepping for dinner: peeling and slicing potatoes, stirring the batter for pound cake, making the sauce for the veggies...all normal and calming things that tend to help me catch my psychological breath. i am in love with bob, remember?
so of course moms sends jonas in to help me or he decides to come in to help me or whatever...i never find out why exactly he is standing 1 foot away from me with 2 shots of patron anejo and smirk that reads: i am going to fuck you right here among the tubers and assorted spices and herbs. i am going to force you to take my penis into your mouth until you choke on my spooge. i am going to impregnate you with my massive cock and spank you until you scream in pain!
ok, what he really said was: i hope i am not in your way but i need a glass of water. i am thirsty. pops send this shot in for you and wants you back outside pronto, please.
(ok, so a guy can fantasize can't he?)
so dennis comes in, breaks the spell, helps me prep and jonas leaves to join the 'rents.
pops bbq's, the sides are devoured along with the couple of gallons of washington state pinot noir. since this is the labor day weekend and it is connecticut and pops has the money to do it right: we have a personal fireworks display on the lower 40 or the 'rents backyard. someone, i'm guessing it might have been the dastardly hairsute jonas, pulls out a blunt and all of us get stoned while watching (laying down on the lawn) a spectacle of flashing lights, rockets, sparkly stuff that make enough noise to raise the dead of new canaan cemetary. at one point, the local police come to visit but all dennis and i can do is laugh at them. jonas does his best to do the talking as pops and moms are unable to speak coherently. from what i can recall, jonas saves us all from being arrested for indecent exposure (oh yeah: did i say that we were all at this point naked? pops idea and a good one because then i could see jonas' weiner but seeing moms and gloria's vg was kind of scary and of course i had seen dennis' cock a couple 100 times. i have to admit that seeing pops cock was just a bit thrilling to me: not big but sweet looking like a parakeet) btw: it just occurred to me: can you even get arrested for indecent exposure on your own property? were there really police there? was i even there? did i really see god or was that jonas with a glowing halo above his big masculine head?
so this was my saturday of the labor day weekend, 2008.
partIII tomorrow: sunday and our foray into downtown to see vicky cristina barcelona: all 7 of us including cassio who loves the movies.

music: check out my new favorite song "still in love" by justin currie.....playing on the ipod on the right............>


Tim in Italy said...

I'm getting short of breath just reading about it, so I admire your self control. Ganga makes me incredibly horny and I'm afraid that in a similar situation I would have instigated an orgy. Maybe that's what pops wanted, eh?

Anonymous said...

Your labor day was better then mine! When are you posting the pictures?

tyler said...

an orgy with moms and gloria included? ew. and dennis is like my brother.
now: jonas and pops...that's another story.
what did you do on labor day? and i haven't even gotten to labor day yet on this blog strain.....

Tim in Italy said...

In thinking about it, yeah, setting off fireworks in the nude? It brings to mind 4th of July celebrations on West St. in Laguna Beach. But that was another life.